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Mastering The Piano

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3 tips to master the piano. Valerie, experienced piano teacher will show you how to master the piano. Find out more at
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How To Master The Art Of Piano Playing
Piano is a world-renowned instrument. It has been in the world for centuries, and people
all over the world just love the music it produces. From the first time it was invented, there
are many famous pianist who have mastered the art of piano playing, and had charmed
audiences everywhere with their beautiful music.
These musicians have also inspired many to take up piano lessons, to learn how to play
the piano, and hopefully, to play as well as the masters. Some of the piano lovers have
indeed learned and mastered the art of playing, and went on to win the hearts of people
with their piano, some managed to play well, but some didn't manage to fulfill their
potential as a good piano player.
So how can you master the art of piano playing? As a pianist since 6 years old, I have
taken piano lessons and went for examinations to challenge myself to reach higher levels
of piano playing. Having acquired by Diploma in Piano, I wouldn't say I know everything
about piano, but at least, I do know how you can master the art of playing the piano.
Learning an instrument is an achievement by itself. If you manage to pick up an instrument
and play it well, you are already above 90% of the people, because most people who pick
up instruments never really continue after lessons stop. So first, congratulate yourself.
But if you want to go further to master it, then you have to take note of these 3 qualities
you must have.
1. Practice
If you're a student, then this is the most annoying word you will want to see. Every piano
teacher will keep on saying 'Practice, Practice, Practice!'. Annoying? But it's true that
practice will help you become a better piano player!
However, we are not just talking about normal practice here. It's not about playing your
pieces of piano music over and over again for 3 hours a day. NO! We're talking about
disciplined practice here! This means focusing on your playing weakness and practicing it
to making sure that it gets better over time.
Do you always make the mistake of skipping a beat? Missing the rhythm? Playing the
wrong note? Pick out your weakness, and focus on mastering it before you go on to your
next practice or next song. That's how you master your playing and skills!
2. Patience
Is practicing hard? Then I must say patience is harder. It's not easy to develop patience in
mastering the piano. As we are living in a fast-paced world, everything got to be fast, and
instant. And that's why many of us want our piano playing skills to improve fast, and reach
a higher level instantly. But hey, we all know that doesn't work!
Patience is continuing to put in the hard work, even though you know that you may not
master that skill in a week or month's time. But you still put in the hard work to practice,
because you know you will master it eventually. Not every body has patience for learning

because most will give up half way through the practice, and start doubting themselves if
they are suitable for playing the piano.
If you want to master the piano, you have to be patient and keep working hard on
improving your skills.
3. Confidence
If you ever see how some of the best pianist perform, you will see an aura of confidence
exude from their piano performance. That's confidence of their playing. They know exactly
what they are playing and know how they want their audience to feel in the music. And if
you reach that level, then it can be said that you have truly mastered the art of piano
How can you gain confidence in your piano playing? It comes from certainty. You know the
piano inside out, you know how to use piano music to evoke emotions, and you know
exactly at which part of the music will evoke out the emotions from the audience. When
you are certain what you are playing, then you can achieve that high level of piano
Master the art of piano playing is achievable by any pianist. Start from the basics first, and
build your way up, as that's what all the best pianists in the world does.
Valerie gives piano lessons Singapore, and hopes to inspire more people to learn how to
play the piano easily and enjoyably. You can find out more about her at her site at http:// .

Mastering The Piano



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