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Natural Treatment - Acid Reflux

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Experiences painful burning sensation and chest pain every after eating and activities? Having acid ...
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Natural Treatment - Acid Reflux

Experiences painful burning sensation and chest pain every after eating and activities?
Having acid reflux can make their day worst.

It must be Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD);an acid content of the stomach that
wash back up to the esophagus and can damage it.

GERD can be prevented by avoiding foods that can trigger reflux like, alcohol ingestion,
excessive smoking, and eating spicy and acidic foods.

Some wanted to buy antacid medication to lessen the pain or worst they spend money just to
cure this disease. Why worry too much when you can find these home remedies on your
home that is tested and proven without any side effects.

There are simple measures and natural remedies for acid reflux to prevent recurring of
symptoms rather than over-the-counter medications:

* Eating habit should be pattern in time to prevent more production of acid

* Eating a fresh papaya together with your meals can help to digest protein

* Free yourself from reflux with ginger that can help people experiencing heartburn by settling
the stomach and preventing nauseous

* Get a raw potato on your kitchen and make a juice out of it and do not peel off the potato.
Drink potato juice to lessen the acidity of the stomach for it is said to have alkaline content.

* Avoid eating food that can trigger your reflux such as coffee, fatty foods and spicy food

* If you are overweight try to lose weight

* And when laying down make the head part elevated

There are a lot of alternatives that prevent the secretions of stomach acid why venture to
over the counter medications when you can use home remedies for acid reflux.

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Natural Treatment - Acid Reflux



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