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organic wine

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just wines

Euca Estate Late Picked Shiraz Mataro 2011 Barossa Valley SA
Mataro Grape Extensively planted in Chateauneuf du Pape and Bandolin France, it
is believed to have originated from Mataro in Cataloniaor Murviedro near
Valencia, Spain. Mataro is da...
$15.99 / Bottle x 12
Qty: 1

Euca Estate Late Picked Shiraz 2011 Barossa Valley SA

just wines

Aroma Lovely cracked black pepper and spicey aromas Palate The wines is
showing the typical flavours of a very old vine shiraz, deep balck pepper on the
palate with relm of spice flavours lingering...
$15.99 / Bottle x 12
Qty: 1

Diggers Bluff Top Dog Shiraz 2007 Barossa Valley SA
The Top Dog is a traditional Barossa wine, and very popular. It is a quintessential
big Aussie Shiraz with good prominent oak. The oak itself is seasoned, for three
years, given a medium toast and is ...
$47.99 / Bottle x 6
Qty: 1

just wines

Diggers Bluff Watchdog Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2006 Barossa Valley SA
I think this is the best wine I make. The beauty of wine, in general, is in its
diversity and the fact that we all have different tastes. The Watch Dog suits mine,
but it may have something to do with...
$34.99 / Bottle x 6
Qty: 1

Diggers Bluff Sly Dog Cabernet Sauvignon 2009 Barossa Valley SA

just wines

Just like a Sly Dog this wine will sneak up and nip at your heels. Barossa Cabernet
has the ability to become big & boisterous in flavour which is a reflection of our
intense region. Whilst I enjo...
$21.99 / Bottle x 6
Qty: 1

Diggers Bluff Stray Dog Grenache Shiraz Mataro 2006 Barossa Valley SA
We work hard at Diggers, some say I just make it hard, but we are not lazy so I am
going to call this Grenache, Shiraz, Mataro not G.S.M. There are a lot of these
about, but the beauty of making wine ...
$18.99 / Bottle x 6
Qty: 1

just wines

Diggers Bluff Lap Dog Rose 2010 Barossa Valley SA
This is the sixth vintage of making the Lap Dog Rose. There is the enjoyment of
something fresh and zesty running over your tongue on the right occasion. This is
what this wine provides. It is a Semil...
$19.99 / Bottle x 6
Qty: 1

organic wine



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