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Ourexam HP-UX HP0-P21 exam

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With ourexam latest HP0-P21 exam, you can pass the exam successfully.
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
Exam : HP0-P21
P - UX 11i v3 Advanced
System Administration
Version : Demo
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
1. What is a characteristic of the Memory File System (MemFS)?
A. It supports /tmp and /var/tmp to be used as a MemFS.
B. It swaps data to swap space when the system is under memory pressure.
C. It uses disk devices to store compressed data.
D. Data in MemFS remain persistent after unmounts and reboots.
Answer: B
2. You are performing an HP-UX cold installation using the advanced option. Which parameters can you
set on the System Menu tab? (Select three.)
A. hostname
B. user passwords (non-root)
C. filesystems
D. additional interfaces
E. software filesets
F. time zone
Answer: ADF
3. Which statements are true about threads and processes for a system running HP-UX? (Select three.)
A. A thread can have multiple processes.
B. The kernel parameter max_thread_proc defines the maximum number of concurrent threads allowed
per process.
C. A thread can be killed using the kill command.
D. The kernel parameter nkthread limits the number of threads allowed to run simultaneously,
E. A process can have multiple threads.
F. A thread is similar to a process, but cannot be switched to a different CPU.
Answer: BDE
4. Management purchases an Integrity Superdome to replace two HP rp8420 Servers. There is available
CPU capacity and management decides to bring additional applications for execution on the Integrity
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
Superdome. Based on this scenario, which statements can be true? (Select two.)
A. Some of the applications are Linux-based and Linux applications are not supported to run on an
Integrity Superdome.
B. Some of the applications are Linux-based and Linux applications will run in an HP Integrity Virtual
Machine on an Integrity Superdome.
C. Some of the applications are Windows-based that run alongside HP-UX applications in a different vPar
inside of an Integrity Superdome.
D. Some of the applications are Windows-based that run alongside HP-UX applications in a different nPar
inside of an Integrity Superdome.
Answer: BD
5. You have set up a Serviceguard cluster but received notification from network security that the current
configuration exposes remote user login risks and must be remediated. Which file should be set up to
eliminate the risk?
A. /etc/hosts.equiv
B. /etc/cmcluster/cmclconfig
C. $HOME/.rhosts
D. /etc/cmcluster/cmclnodelist
Answer: D
6. Which VxVM daemons need to be running for the volume manager to function correctly?
A. vxfsd, vxiod, vxvmd
B. vxfsd, vxiod, vxnotify
C. vxconfigd, vxdctl, vxiod
D. vxconfigd, vxiod, vxrelocd, vxnotify
Answer: D
7. What are the major advantages of the new Mass Storage Stack of HP-UX 11i v3 compared to previous
HP-UX versions? (Select two.)
A. Device Files are bound to Physical Hardware Paths or LUNs.
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The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
B. A significantly larger number of devices can be connected to a single system.
C. When moving devices to different FC switch ports, manual intervention during LVM configuration is not
D. The I/O paths switch transparently in the event of a failure.
E. The Agile Device Files are based on the LUN world wide ID (WWID) address.
Answer: BE
8. What are the key benefits of the 11i v3 Mass Storage Stack? (Select two.)
A. improved security capabilities
B. dramatic I/O performance improvements
C. improved PVLinks for multipathing
D. simplified management and automatic configuration
Answer: BD
9. Which functions does the idisk command perform? (Select two.)
A. lists the EFI partition table on a disk
B. creates a new partition table based on the /tmp/idtable file
C. validates the EFI partition information
D. allows the creation of up to 16 partitions
E. lists the usable blocks available for partitioning
Answer: AC
10. Which properties can be adjusted in the files of the directory /etc/default? (Select four.)
A. time zone
B. new user properties
C. volume manager properties
D. IP addresses for the network interfaces
E. password format policy
F. configuration of the ip_forwarding parameter
G. default kernel parameters
4 / 5

The safer , easier way to help you pass any IT exams.
H. maximum syslog size
Answer: ABEH
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