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PDF Bible King James Version 1611 KJV

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King James Bible
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Hebrew Bible
Salkinson Ginsburg Hebrew NT
~h'r'b.a;-!B, dwID'-!B, [;WvyE x;yviM'h; tdol.AT rp,se hz<Mat 1:1
wyx'a,-ta,w> hd'Why>-ta, dyliAh bqo[]y:w> bqo[]y:-ta, dyliAh qx'c.yIw> qx'c.yI-ta, dyliAh ~h'r'b.a;Mat 1:2
~r'-ta, dyliAh !Arc.x,w> !Arc.x,-ta, dyliAh #r,p,W rm'T'mi xr;z<-ta,w> #r,P,-ta, dyliAh hd'WhywIMat 1:3
!Aml.f;-ta, dyliAh !Avx.n:w> !Avx.n:-ta, dyliAh bd'n"yMi[;w> bd'n"yMi[;-ta, dyliAh ~r'w>Mat 1:4
yv'yI-ta, dyliAh dbeA[w> tWrme dbeA[-ta, dyliAh z[;boW bx'r'm, z[;Bo-ta, dyliAh !Aml.f;w>Mat 1:5
hY"rIWame xq;l' rv,a] hV'aih'me hmol{v.-ta, dyliAh dwId'w> dwID' %l,M,h;-ta, dyliAh yv;yIw>Mat 1:6
as'a'-ta, dyliAh hY"bia]w: hY"bia]-ta, dyliAh ~['b.x;r>W ~['b.x;r>-ta, dyliAh hmol{v.WMat 1:7
WhY"ZI[u-ta, dyliAh ~r'AhywI ~r'Ahy>-ta, dyliAh jp'v'AhywI jp'v'Ahy>-ta, dyliAh as'a'w>Mat 1:8
WhY"qiz>xi-ta, dyliAh zx'a'w> zx'a'-ta, dyliAh ~t'Ayw> ~t'Ay-ta, dyliAh WhY"ZI[uw>Mat 1:9
WhY"viayO-ta, dyliAh !Ama'w> !Ama'-ta, dyliAh hV,n:m.W hV,n:m.-ta, dyliAh WhY"qiz>xiw>Mat 1:10
hl'b,B' ~t'Alg> ymeyBi wyx'a,-ta,w> Why"n>k'y>-ta, dyliAh WhY"viayOw>Mat 1:11
lb,B'ruz>-ta, dyliAh laeyTil.a;v.W laeyTil.a;v.-ta, dyliAh Why"n>k'y> lb,b'l. ~l'g>h' yrex]a;w>Mat 1:12
rWZ[;-ta, dyliAh ~yqiy"l.a,w> ~yqiy"l.a,-ta, dyliAh dWhybia]w: dWhybia]-ta, dyliAh lb,B'ruz>WMat 1:13
dWhylia/-ta, dyliAh !ykiy"w> !ykiy"-ta, dyliAh qAdc'w> qAdc'-ta, dyliAh rWZ[;w>Mat 1:14
bqo[]y:-ta, dyliAh !T'm;W !T'm;-ta, dyliAh rz"['l.a,w> rz"['l.a,-ta, dyliAh dWhylia/w<Mat 1:15
x;yvim' ar'q.NIh; [;WvyE hN"M,mi dl;An rv,a] ~y"r>mi vyai @seAy-ta, dyliAh bqo[]y:w>Mat 1:16
tArDo rf'[' h['B'r>a; x;yviM;h;-d[; lb,B' tWlG"miW tArDo rf'[' h['B'r>a; lb,B' tWlG"-d[; dwID'miW tArDo rf'[' h['B'r>a; dwID'-d[; ~h'r'b'a;me tArDoh;-lK' hNEhiw>Mat 1:17
ht'r'h' vd,Qoh; x;Wrme yKi ayhi hr'h' yKi aceM'Tiw: h'yl,ae aAby" ~r,j, @seAyl' ht'y>h' hf'r'aom. AMai ~y"r>mi rv,a]K; x;yviM'h; [;WvyE td;le ht'y>h' tazOw>Mat 1:18
rt,S'B; Hx'L.v;l. rm,aYOw: ~['-tB;dIl. HT'til. hb'a' al{w> hy"h' qyDIc; Hv'yai @seAyw>Mat 1:19
vd,Qoh; x;Wrme rc;An HB'r>qiB. dl,Y<h; yKi ^T, ~y"r>mi-ta, ^yl,ae tx;Q;mi ar'yTi-la; dwID'-!B, @s,Ay rmoale ~Alx]B; wyl'ae ha'r>nI hA'hy> %a;l.m; hNEhiw> tazOK' ABli-la, rBed;m.
WNd,A[Mat 1:20
~h,yteaJox;me AM[;-ta, [;yviAy aWh yKi [;WvyE Amv.-ta, t'ar'q'w> !Be td,l,yO ayhiw>Mat 1:21
rmoale aybiN"h;-dy:B. hA'hy> rB,DI-rv,a] tae taL{m;l. ht'y>h' tazO-lk'w>Mat 1:22
WnM'[i lae rmea'yE rv,a] laeWnM'[i Amv. War>q'w> !Be td,l,yOw> hr'h' hm'l.[;h' hNEhiMat 1:23, xQ;YIw: hA'hy> %a;l.m; Atao hW"ci rv,a]K; f[;Y:w: Atn"V.mi @seAy #q;yYIw:Mat 1:24
[;WvyE Amv.-ta, ar'q.YIw: Hr'AkB.-ta, !Be hd'l.y"-yKi d[; Ht'ao [d;y" al{w>Mat 1:25
rmoale hm'y>l;v'Wry> ~d,q, #r,a,me WaB' ~ybik'Ak yzExo hNEhiw> sAdr>Ah %l,M,h; ymeyBi hd'Why> ~x,l,-tybeB. [;WvyE dl;An rv,a]K; yhiy>w:Mat 2:1
Al tAx]T;v.hil. aboN"w: ~d,Q,B; Abk'Ak Wnair' yKi ~ydIWhY>l; dl'ANh; %l,M,h; hYEa;Mat 2:2
AM[i ~yIl;v'Wry>-lK' bb;l.W Abb'l. [n:Y"w: sAdr>Ah %l,M,h; [m;v.YIw:Mat 2:3
x;yviM'h; dleW"yI hYEa; rmoale ~h,yPi-ta, la;v.YIw: ~['B' ~yrIp.ASh;w> ~ynIh]Koh; yvear'-lK'-ta, lheq.Y:w:Mat 2:4
aybiN"h;-dy:B. bWtK'-hko yKi hd'Why> ~x,l,-tybeB. wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw:Mat 2:5
laer'f.yI yMi[;-ta, h[,r>yI rv,a] lveAm aceyE ^M.mi yKi hd'Why> ypeLua;B. ry[ic' ^n>yae hd'Why> #r,a, ~x,l,-tyBe hT'a;w>Mat 2:6
bk'AKh; ha'r>nI rv,a] t[eh'-ta, t[;d;l' ~t'ao rqox.Y:w: rt,SeB; ~ybik'AKh; yzExo-la, sAdr>Ah ar'q.YIw:Mat 2:7
ynIa'-~G: Al-tAx]T;v.hil. ha'boa'w> yli WdyGIh;w> WbWv Atao !Wac.m.Ti rv,a]k;w> dl,Y<h;-l[; bjeyhe Wvr>dIw> Wkl. rm;aYOw: ~x,l,-tyBe ~t'ao xl;v.YIw:Mat 2:8
dl,Y"h; ~v' hy"h' rv,a]l; l[;M;mi dmo[]Y:w: aB'-rv,a] d[; ~h, hl'[' ~d,Q,b; War'-rv,a] bk'AKh; hNEhiw> WkleYEw: %l,M,h;-la, W[m.v.YIw:Mat 2:9
daom.-d[; hl'dog> hx' Wxm.f.YIw: bk'AKb; Wzx' ~hew>Mat 2:10
rmow" hn"Abl.W bh'z" hx'n>mi Al WbyrIq.Y:w: ~h,, WxT.p.YIw: Al-Wwx]T;v.YIw: WlP.YIw: AMai ~y"r>mi-~[i dl,Y<h;-ta, War>YIw: ht'y>B;h; WaboY"w:Mat 2:11
~c'r>a;l. rxea; %r,d,B. Wkl.YEw: Wnp.YIw: sWdr>Ah-la, bWv yTil.bil. ~Alx]b; WWcu ~hew>Mat 2:12
HT'x.q;l. dl,Y<h; vp,n<-ta, vQeb;m. sAdr>Ah yKi ^yl,ae rm;ao rv,a]-d[; ~v'-bv,w> hm'y>r;c.mi ^l.-xr;b.W AMai-ta,w> dl,Y<h;-ta, xq; ~Wq rmoale ~Alx]B; @seAy-la, hA'hy> %a;l.m;
ar'YEw: ~T'k.l,B. yhiy>w:Mat 2:13
hm'y>r'c.mi %l,YEw: hl'y>l' AMai-ta,w> dl,Y<h;-ta, xQ;YIw: ~q'Y"w:Mat 2:14 ytiar'q' ~yIr;c.Mimi rmoale aybiN"h;-dy:B. hA'hy> rB,DI rv,a] ta, taL{m;l. sAdr>Ah tAm-d[; ~v' bv,YEw:Mat 2:15
~yzIxoh; yPimi rq;x' rv,a] t[eh' ypil. hJ'm'l.W ~yIt;n"v.-!B,mi h'yl,WbG>-lk'b.W ~x,l,-tybeB. rv,a] ~ydIl'y>h;-lK'-ta, %Y:w: xl;v.YIw: daom.-d[; @coq.YIw: ~yzIxoh; Ab Wltehe yKi sAdr>Ah
tAar>Ki yhiy>w:Mat 2:16
rmoale aybiN"h; Why"m.r>yI-dy:B. rm;a/n< rv,a] ~q;Wh za'Mat 2:17
WNn<yae yKi ~xeN"hil. hn"a]me h'yn<B'-l[; hK'b;m. lxer' ~yriWrm.t; ykiB. yhin> [m'v.nI hm'r'B. lAqMat 2:18
rmoale ~yIr;c.miB. @seAy-la, ~Alx]B; hA'hy> %a;l.m; ar'YEw: sAdr>Ah tAm yrex]a; yhiy>w:Mat 2:19
dl,Y"h; vp,n<-ta, ~yviq.b;m.h; Wtme-yKi laer'f.yI hc'r>a; bWv %lew> AMai-ta,w> dl,Y<h;-ta, xq; ~WqMat 2:20
laer'f.yI hc'r>a; aboY"w: AMai-ta,w> dl,Y<h;-ta, xQ;YIw: ~q'Y"w:Mat 2:21
lyliG"h; tAlyliG>-la, bSoYIw: ~Alx]B; rb'd' Al-dG:YUw: hM'v' tk,l,l' ar'yYIw: wybia' sAdr>Ah tx;T; hd'WhyBi %l;m' sAlq.r>a; yKi A[m.v'b.WMat 2:22

Al areQ'yI yrIc.n" yKi ~yaiybiN>h; yreb.DI-ta, taL{m;l. tr,c'n> tareq.NIh; ry[iB' bv,YEw: aboY"w:Mat 2:23
rm;aYOw: hd'Why> rB;d>mib. ar'q.YIw: lBej;m.h; !n"x'Ay aboY"w: ~heh' ~ymiY"B; yhiy>w:Mat 3:1
abol' hb'r>q' ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m;-yKi WbWvMat 3:2
wyt'ALsim. WrV.y: hA'hy> %r,D, WNP; rB'd>MiB; areAq lAq rmoale aybiN"h; Why"[.v;y> wyl'[' aB'nI rv,a] aWhMat 3:3
r[;Y"mi vb;d>W ~ybig"x] Alk'a]m;W wyn"t.m'B. rWza' rA[ rAzaew> ~yLim;G> r[;f. vWbl' hy"h' !n"x'Ayw>Mat 3:4
!Der.Y:h; rK;Ki-lk'w> hd'Why>-lk'w> ~yIl;v'Wry> wyl'ae Wac.YEw:Mat 3:5
~h,yteaJox;-ta, ~t'Dow:t.hiB. !Der>Y:B; Ady"-l[; Wlb.J'YIw:Mat 3:6
aB'h; @a; !Arx] ynEP.mi ~k,v.p.n:-l[; jleM'hil. ~k,t.a, hr'Ah ymi ~ynI[ ydel.y: ~h,l' rm,aYOw: lbeJ'hil. wyl'ae ~yaiB' ~yqiWDC;h;-!miW ~yviWrP.h;-!mi ~yBir; ha'r' rv,a]K; %a;Mat
hb' bAj yrIp. Wf[] !kel'Mat 3:8
~h'r'b.a;l. ~ynIB' ~yqih'l. ~yhil{a/-dy: gyFiT; hL,ae ~ynIb'a]-!mi ~G: ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] yKi ba'l. Wnl' ~h'r'b.a; rmoale ~k,b.b; WGh.T,-la;w>Mat 3:9
vae-AmB. %l;v.h'w> [d;G"yI bAj yrIp. hf,[]y: al{ rv,a] #[e-lK' !kel'w> ~yci[eh' vr,vo-l[; !z<r.G:h; yWjn" rb'K.-~g:w>Mat 3:10
vaeb'W vd,Qoh; x;WrB. ~k,t.a, lBej;y> aWh wyl'['n>-ta, taeF.mi yTin>joq' rv,a] yNIM,mi aWh !sox' yr;x]a; aB'h; %a; hb' ~yIM;B; ~k,t.a, lBej;m. ynIn>hi ynIa]w:Mat 3:11
hB,k.ti al{ rv,a] vaeB; @rof.yI #Moh;-ta,w> wym's'a] %AT-la, ~yJixih;-ta, @s;a'w> Anr.G"-ta, rbeh'l.W tArz>li Ady"b. Whrez>mi rv,a]Mat 3:12
Ady"-l[; lbeJ'hil. !n"x'Ay !Der.Y:h;-la, lyliG"h;-!mi [;WvyE aboy" za'Mat 3:13
yl'ae t'aB' hT'a;w> ^d>y"-l[; lbeJ'hil. yli !Akn" al{h] rmoale !n"x'Ay AB-rc'[]Y:w:Mat 3:14
WNM,mi @r,YIw: hq'd'c.-lk' aLem;l. Wnl' ht'a]y" hko-yKi ~AYK; @r,h, wyl'ae rm,aYOw: [;WvyE ![;Y:w:Mat 3:15
wyl'[' xn:T'w: hn"Ay-tWmd>Bi td,r,yO ~yhil{a/ x;Wr-ta, ar>Y:w: ~yIm;V'h; Al-Wxt.p.nI hNEhiw> ~yIM'h;-!mi l[;Y:w: rhem;y>w: [;WvyE lbeJ'YIw:Mat 3:16
yvip.n: ht'c.r' AB ydIydIy> ynIb. aWh hz< ~yIm;V'mi areqo lAq hNEhiw>Mat 3:17
!j'F'h; ~v' WhSen:y> rWb[]b;l. hr'B'd>Mih; x;WrB' [;WvyE lb;Wh za'Mat 4:1
b['r>YIw: hl'y>l' ~y[iB'r>a;w> ~Ay ~y[iB'r>a; ~c'Y"w:Mat 4:2
~x,l'l. !"yy<h.Ti hL,ae ~ynIb'a]w: rmoa/ hT'a; ~yhil{a/h'-!B, ~ai wyl'ae rm,aYOw: hS,n:m.h; vG:YIw:Mat 4:3
hA'hy>-ypi ac'Am-lK'-l[; yKi ~d'a'h' hy<x.yI ADb;l. ~x,L,h;-l[; al{ yKi bWtK' rm;aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 4:4
vD'q.Mih;-tyBe gG: tN:Pi-l[; Whdemi[]Y:w: vd,Qoh; ry[i-la, !j'F'h; WhxeQ'YIw:Mat 4:5
^l,g>r; !b,a,B' @GOTi-!P, ^n>WaF'yI ~yIP;K;-l[; %L'-hW<c;y> wyk'a'l.m; yKi bWtk' yKi hc'r>a' lPen:t.hi hT'a; ~yhil{a/h'-!B, ~ai wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 4:6
^yh,l{a/ hA'hy>-ta, hS,n:t. al{ bWtK' dA[w> [;WvyE wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 4:7
!d'Abk.W #r,a'h' tAkl.m.m;-lK'-ta, Whaer>Y:w: daom. H;boG" rh;-la, WhxeQ'YIw: !j'F'h; @s,AYw:Mat 4:8
yli hw<x]T;v.tiw> lPoTi-~ai ^l.-!T,a, hL,ae-lK'-ta, wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 4:9
dbo[]T; ADb;l. Ataow> hw<x]T;v.ti ^yh,l{a/ hA'hyl; bWtk' yKi !j'F'h; ha'l.h'-vG< [;WvyE wyl'ae rm;a' za'Mat 4:10
Whtur>v'y>w: ~ykia'l.m; wyl'ae WvG>YIw: !j'F'h; WNM,mi @r,YIw:Mat 4:11
hl'yliG"h; bv'Y"w: !n"x'Ay rG:s.nI yKi [;WvyE A[m.v'k. yhiy>w:Mat 4:12
yliT'p.n:w> !Wlbuz> yleWbg>Bi ~Y"h; tp;f.-l[; ~Wxn:-rp;k.Bi bv,YEw: aboY"w: tr,c'n>-ta, bzO[]Y:w:Mat 4:13
rmoale aybiN"h; Why"[.v;y>-dy:B. rm;a,n<-rv,a] tae taL{m;l.Mat 4:14
~yIAGh; lyliG> !Der.Y:h; rb,[e ~Y"h; %r,D, yliT'p.n: hc'r>a;w> !Wlbuz> hc'r>a;Mat 4:15
~h,yle[] Hg:n" rAa tw<m'l.c; #r,a,B. ybev.yO lAdG" rAa War' %v,xoB; ~ykil.hoh; ~['h'Mat 4:16
abol' hb'r>q' ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; yKi ~k,yker>D;mi WbWv rmoalew> [;WvyE lxehe ayhih; t[eh'meMat 4:17
Wyh' ~ygIY"d; yKi ~Y"h;-ynEP.-l[; tr,mok.mi ~yfir>Po wyxia' yr;D>n>a;w> sArj.P, ar'q.NIh; !A[ ~yxia; ynEv. ar>Y:w: lyliG"h;-~y: dy:-l[; [;WvyE %Leh;t.YIw:Mat 4:18
~d'a' ygEY>d;l. ~k,t.a, hf,[/a,w> yr'x]a; Wkl. ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 4:19
wyr'x]a; Wkl.YEw: [g:r'K. ~t'Armok.mi-ta, Wbz>[;Y:w:Mat 4:20
~h,ylea] ar'q.YIw: ~t'Armok.mi ~ynIQ.t;m. ~h,ybia] yDIb.z:-~[i hY"nIa\B' wyxia' !n"x'Ayw> yDIb.z:-!B, bqo[]y: ~yrIxea] ~yxia; ynEv. ar>Y:w: ~V'mi rbo[]Y:w:Mat 4:21
wyr'x]a; Wkl.YEw: ~h,ybia]-ta,w> hY"nIa\h'-ta, Wbz>[' [g:r,K. hM'he-~g:w>Mat 4:22
~['B' hw<d>m;-lk'w> hl'x]m;-lK' apor'w> tWkl.M;h; tr;fB. aroq' ts,nEK.h; yTeb'B. ~v'-dM,l;Y>w: lyliG"h;-lk'B. [;WvyE bs'Y"w:Mat 4:23
~aeP'r>YIw: tAmc'[] yken>W x;rey" yKemu tA[r' tAxWr yzExua] ~y[ir' ~yIl'x\w" ~ynIAv ~yailux]T; ~b' Wqb.D' rv,a] ~yliAxh;-lK' tae wyl'ae WaybiY"w: ~r'a]-lk'B. A[m.v' aceYEw:Mat 4:24
!Der.Y:h; rb,[ew> hd'WhywI ~yIl;v'Wry>-!miW syliPoK;D,-!miW lyliG"h;-!mi br' lh'q' wyr'x]a; Wkl.YEw:Mat 4:25
wyd'ymil.T; wyl'ae WvG>YIw: ~v' bv,YEw: rh'h'-la, l[;Y:w: ~['h' !Amh]-ta, ha'r' rv,a]K; yhiy>w:Mat 5:1
rmoale ~h,l' hr,AYw: WhyPi-ta, xT;p.YIw:Mat 5:2
~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m; ~h,l' yKi x;Wrh' yYEnI[] yrev.a;Mat 5:3
Wmx'nUy> ~he-yKi ~yliB.a;t.Mih; yrev.a;Mat 5:4
#r,a'-Wvr>yyI ~he-yKi ~ywIn"[]h' yrev.a;Mat 5:5
!yUw"r>yI ~he-yKi hq'd' ~yaimeC.h;w> ~ybi[er>h' yrev.a;Mat 5:6
Wmx'ruy> ~he-yKi ~ymix]r;-yle[]B; yrev.a;Mat 5:7
~yhil{a/-ta, Wzx/y< ~he-yKi bb'le yreB' yrev.a;Mat 5:8
~yhil{a/-ynEB. War>Q'yI ~he-yKi ~Alv' yfe[o yrev.a;Mat 5:9
~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m; ~h,l' yKi ~t'q'd>ci bq,[e ~ypiD'r.NIh; yrev.a;Mat 5:10
ymiv. rWb[]B; h['r' ~k,t.B;dI Waybiy" rq,V,b;W ~k,t.a, WpD>r.yI-~ai Wpr.x'y>-~ai ~k,yrev.a;Mat 5:11
~k, Wyh' rv,a] ~yaiybiN>h;-ta, Wpd>r' !ke-yKi ~yIm'V'B; daom. hB,r>h; ~k,r>k;f. yKi WlygIw> WfyfiMat 5:12

lg<r' sm;r>mil. hy"h'w> hc'Wxh; hr,zOy>-~ai yKi lKol; xl;c.yI-al{ lpeT' xl'm.y" hM,B; Am[.j; gWpy" xl;M,h;-~aiw> #r,a'h' xl;m, ~T,a;Mat 5:13
rteS'hil. lk;Wt al{ rh'h'-l[; tb,v,yO ry[i ~l'A[h' rAa ~T,a;Mat 5:14
tyIB'B; rv,a] lkol. ryaih'l. hr'nOM.h;-la,-~ai yKi hp'yaeh' tx;T; ATtil. rnE ~yqiylid>m; !yaew>Mat 5:15
WdBek;y> ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia]-ta,w> ~ybiAJh; ~k,yfe[]m; War'w> ~d'a'h'-ynEb. ynE[el. ~k,r>Aa raey" hKoMat 5:16
taoL.m;l.-~ai yKi ytiaB' rpeh'l. al{ ~yaiybiN>h; Aa hr'ATh; rpeh'l. ytiab' yKi Wbv.x.T; la;Mat 5:17
WmWqy" ~L'ku-yKi d[; dx'a, #Aq al{ @a; hr'ATh;-!mi tx;a; dWy rbo[]t; al{ !Wrbo[]y: #r,a'h'w> ~yIm;V'h; rv,a] d[; ~k,l' dyGIm; ykinOa' !mea' !he yKiMat 5:18
~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m;B. areQ'yI dB'k.nI !t'Af[]l; dMel;m.W !t'ao hf,[oh'w> ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m;B. areQ'yI hl,q.nI ~yvin"a]l; tazOk' hr'Ahw> hL,ae tANj;q. tAc.Mimi tx;a; rypiMeh;-lK' !kel'Mat
~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m;l. Wabot' al{ ~yviWrP.h;w> ~yrIp.ASh; tq;d>Cimi ~k,t.q;d>ci lD;g>ti-al{ ~ai ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:20
~ylilip.Bi jP'v.Mil; !teN"yI xc;r>yI rv,a] vyaih'w> xc'r>Ti al{ ~ynImod>Q;l; rm;a/n< rv,a] tae ~T,[.m;v.Mat 5:21
~NOhiyGE vael. lPoyI Al-ar'q.yI lb'n" ~aiw> !yrId>h,n>S;h; ydeyBi !teN"yI hq'yre wyxia'l. areQoh;w> ~ylilip.Bi jP'v.Mil; !teN"yI ~N"xi wyxia'B. rBe[;t.Mih; ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:22
%M'[i ^yxia'l. byrI rb;d>-yKi ~v' ^l.-dG<y: ^B.liw> x;Bez>Mih;-l[; !B'r>q' byrIq.t;-yKi aApae !Ke-l[;Mat 5:23
^n<B'r>q' breq.h;w> aBo za'w> ^yxia' bh;r>W sPer;t.hi %lew> x;Bez>Mih; ^n>B'r>q' ~v' xN:h;Mat 5:24
rh;Soh; tybel. ^n>T,yI aWhw> rjeVoh; dy:B. ^r>yGIs.y: jpeVoh;w> jpeVoh; ydeyBi ^b.yrI vyai ^ ryGIs.y:-!P, %r,D'b; AM[i ^d>A[B. ^b.yrI vyai-~[i ~lev.h; rhem;Mat 5:25
hn"rox]a;h' hj'WrP.h;-ta, ~Lev;T. rv,a] d[; ~V'mi hl,[]t; al{ yKi ^l. rmeao !mea' ynIa]w:Mat 5:26
@a'n>Ti al{ ~ynImod>Q;l; rm;a/n< rv,a] tae ~T,[.m;v.Mat 5:27
ABliB. Ht'ao @a;n" ~ynIWnz>-x;WrB. HB'-qv'x]l; hV'aib. Any[e !teNOh;-lK' ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:28
~NOhiygEl. ^r>f'B.-lK' %l;v.h'me dx'a, rb,ae dboa]B; ^l. bAj ^M,mi h'k,yliv.h;w> h'r,Q.n: ^l,yvik.T; tynIm'y>h; ^n>y[e ~aiw>Mat 5:29
~NOhiygEl. ^r>f'B.-lK' %l;v.h'me dx'a, rb,ae dboa]B; ^l. bAj &'M,mi h'k,yliv.h;w> h'c,C.q; ^l,yvik.T; tynIm'y>h; ^d>y"-~aiw>Mat 5:30
ttuyrIK. rp,se Hd'y"B. !t;n"w> vyai xL;v;y>-yKi rm;a/n<w>Mat 5:31
aWh @aenO hV'ail. Al hv'WrG> x;qeL{h;w> tp,a'nOl. Ht'ao ~yfime tWnz> rb;D>-l[; al{ ~ai vyai xL;v;y> ~ai ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:32
hA'hyl; ~Lev;T. ^yr,d'n>-ta,w> rq,V,l; [b;V'ti al{ ~ynImod>Q;l; rm;a/n< rv,a] tae ~T,[.m;v. dA[w>Mat 5:33
hM'he ~yhil{a/ aSeki-yKi ~yIm;V'B; [b;V'ti al{ h['Wbv.-lK' [b;V'ti al{ ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:34
br' %l,m, ty:r>qi ayhi-yKi ~yIl;v'Wrybi al{w> ayhi wyl'g>r; ~doh]-yKi #r,a'b' al{w>Mat 5:35
rxov' Aa !b'l' dx'a, r['fe %poh]l; lk;Wt al{-yKi ^v,aroB. [b;V'ti al{w>Mat 5:36
aWh [r'h' rAqM.mi hZ<mi rteyOw> al{ al{ !he !he ~k,r>b;d> yhiy> hz< %a;Mat 5:37
!ve tx;T; !vew> !yI[; tx;T; !yI[; rm;a/n< yKi ~T,[.m;v.Mat 5:38
tyliam'F.h;-~G: Al-!T, tynIm'y>h; yxiL.h;-l[; ^K.y: ~ai %l' [r;h'l. aB'h; ynEp.Bi bCey:t.ti al{ ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:39
^l,y[im.-~G: Al xN:h; ^yl,['me tn<toK.h; tx;q;l' ^M.[i byrIl' #pex'h,-lk'w>Mat 5:40
~yIT'v. AM[i %le tx'a, #r,a, tr;b.Ki AM[i tk,l,l' ^B. fgENOh;w>Mat 5:41
^yn<P' rTes.T;-la; ^d>Y"mi #pex'h, taemeW &'M,mi vQeb;m.l; !TeMat 5:42
^b,y>ao-ta, T'b.y:a'w> ^[]re-ta, T'b.h;a'w> rm;a/n< yKi ~T,[.m;v.Mat 5:43
~k,yped>row> ~k,ybeyaik.m; d[;B. WryTi[.h;w> ~k,yaen>fl. Wbyjiyhe ~k,ylel.q;m.-ta, Wkr]B' ~k,ybey>ao-ta, Wbh/a, ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 5:44
~y[iv'r>l'w> ~yqiyDIC;l; ryjim.m;W ~ybiAJl;w> ~y[ir'l' ryaiMeh; ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia]-la, ~ynIb' Wyh.Ti ![;m;l.Mat 5:45
!ke-AmK. !Wf[]y: ~ysik.Moh;-~g: al{h] ~k,l' rk'F'-hm; ~k,ybeh]ao-ta, !Wbh'a/T,-~ai yKiMat 5:46
~ysik.Moh;-~G: !Wf[]y: !Ke ~k,l' !Art.YI-hm; ~k,yxea]-ta, qr; ~Alv'l. Wdq.p.Ti-~aiw>Mat 5:47
aWh ~ymiT' ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia] rv,a]K; ~miymit. Wyh/ !kel'Mat 5:48
~yIm'V'B;v, ~k,ybia] taeme WgyFit; al{ rk'f' !P, ~d'a'h' ynEy[e haer>m;l. hq'd'c. tAf[]me ~k,l' Wrm.V'hiMat 6:1
~h, ~r'k'f. hNEhi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea' ~d'a'h'-ynEb. ynEy[el. dAbk' WgyFiy: ![;m;l. tAbxor>b'W ts,nEK.h; yTeb'B. ~ypinEx]h; Wf[]y: rv,a]K; ^yn<p'l. h['WrT. lAq [;ymiv.t; al{ hq'd'c.
^t.Af[]B; !kel'Mat 6:2
^n<ymiy> hf'[o rv,a] tae ^l.amof. [d;Te-la; hq'd'c. ^t.Af[]B; hT'a;w>Mat 6:3
%l'-~L,v;y> yWlG:B; ^l.WmG> rt,Seb; ha,roh' ^ybia'w> rt,S'B; ^t.q'd>ci hy<h.Ti ![;m;l.Mat 6:4
~h, ~r'k'f. hNEhi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea' ~d'a'h'-ynEb. ynEy[e ~t'ao hn"ya,r>yTi ![;m;l. ~yqiw"V.h; tANpiW ts,nEK.h; yTeb'B. lLeP;t.hil. dmo[]l; ~ybih]aoh' @n<xo yven>a;K. Wyh.Ti-la;
lLeP;t.hil. Wabot' ykiw>Mat 6:5
%l'-~L,v;y> yWlG:B; ^l.WmG> rt,Seb; ha,roh' ^ybia'w> wyb'ybis. rt,se rv,a] ^ybia'-la, lLeP;t.hiw> ^d,[]B; ^t.l'D> rgOs.W ^yr,d'x]b; aBo ^t.L'pit.Bi hT'a;w>Mat 6:6
~yrIb'D> tr,j,[]B; W[m.V'yI-yKi ~B'li bvox.y: rv,a] ~yIAGK; ~yIt;p' WaJ.b;T.-la; ~yliL.P;t.mi ~T,a; rv,a]k;w>Mat 6:7
AdY"mi Wla]v.Ti ~r,j, ~k,r>Asx.M;-hm; ~k,ybia] [;deyO yKi Aml' Wwv.Ti-la; !kel'Mat 6:8
^m,v. vD;q;t.yI ~yIm;V'B;v, Wnybia' WlL'P;t.ti hKo ~T,a;w>Mat 6:9
~yIm'V'b; hf'[]n: rv,a]K; #r,a'B' ^n>Acr> hf,['yE ^t,Wkl.m; aboT'Mat 6:10
WnQexu ~x,l, ~AYh; Wnl'-!T,Mat 6:11
Wnl' Wmv.a' rv,a]l; Wnx.n:a] rv,a]K; Wntem'v.a;-ta, Wnl'-xl;s.WMat 6:12
!mea' ~ymil'A[ ymel.A[l. tr,a,p.Tih;w> hr'WbG>h;w> hk'l'm.M;h; ^l. yKi [r'h'-!mi WnleyCih;-~ai yKi hS'm; ydeyli WnaeybiT.-la;w>Mat 6:13
~k,l' xl;s.yI ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia]-~G: ~t'm'v.a;-ta, ~d'a' Wxl.s.Ti-~ai yKiMat 6:14
~k,t.m;v.a; ~k,l' xl;s.yI-al{ ~k,ybia]-~G: ~t'm'v.a;-ta, ~d'a' Wxl.s.ti al{-~aiw>Mat 6:15
~h, ~r'k'f. hNEhi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea' ~t'ynI[]t;B. ~d'a' [d;W"hil. ~h,ynEp. WlyPiy: rv,a] ~ynIp' yreyDIq.m; ble-ypen>x;k. Wyh.Ti-la; WmWct' ykiw>Mat 6:16
^yn<P' #x;r>tiw> ^v.aro %WsT' ~Wct' yKi hT'a;w>Mat 6:17

%l'-~L,v;y> yWlG:B; ^l.WmG> rt,Seb; ha,roh' ^ybia'w> rt,S'B; ^ybia'l.-~ai yKi ^t.ynI[]t;B. ~d'a'l. [d;W"ti al{w>Mat 6:18
WbnOg>yIw> WrT.x.y: ~ybiN"g:w> bq'r'w> v[' lk;ayO ~V'v, #r,a'h' br,q,B. tArc'Aa ~k,l' Wrc.a;t; al{Mat 6:19
WbnOg>yI al{w> WrT.x.y: al{ ~ybiN"g:w> bq'r'w> v[' lk;ayO al{ ~v' ~yIm'V'B; tArc'Aa ~k,l' sp,a,Mat 6:20
^B,li-~g: hy<h.yI ~v' ^r,c'Aa yKiMat 6:21
rAa hy<h.yI ^n< yred>x;-lk'B. hm'ymiT. ^n>y[e-~ai !kel' !yI['h' aWh @WGh; rnEMat 6:22
^K,v.x' lAdG"-hm; %v,xo ^B. rAah'-~aiw> ^n< yred>x;-lk'B. %v,xo h['r' ^n>y[e-~aiw>Mat 6:23
!AmM'h;-ta,w> ~yhil{a/h'-ta, dbo[]l; Wlk.Wt al{ wyn"y[eB. sa'm.nI ynIVeh;w> dx'a,B' qB;d>yI Aa bh;a/y< rxea;h'-ta,w> dx'a,h'-ta, an"f.yI-~ai yKi ~yIn"v. ~ynIdoa] dbo[]l; vyai lk;Wy-al{Mat
AtWsK.mi vyai rf;b.W lk,aome hr'q'y> vp,N<h; al{h] ~k,r>f;B. tASk;l. tWsK.-hm;W WTv.Ti-hm; Wlk.aTo-hm; ~k,v.p.n:l. Wga]d>ti al{ ~k,l' rmeao ynIn>hi !kel'Mat 6:25
~h,yle[] hBer>h; rt,y< ~t,yle[]n: al{h] ~T,a;w> ~t'ao lKel.k;m. ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia]w: Wps.a;y: al{w> Wrc.q.yI al{ W[r>z>yI al{ ~yIm'V'h; @A[-la, WjyBih;Mat 6:26
dx'a, dm,GO Atm'Aq-l[; @ysiAhl. lk;Wy ~K,mi drex'h, aWh ymiWMat 6:27
!Wwj.yI al{w> !W[g>yyI al{w> Wcyciy" Wl[]y: hk'yae hd,F'h; yNEv;Av-la, Wnn>ABt.hi Wga]d>ti hM'l'w>Mat 6:28
!h,me tx;a;K. vWbl' hy"h'-al{ Ard'h]-lk'B. hmol{v.-~G: ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 6:29
hn"mua/ yNEj;q. ~k,t.a,-yKi @a; rWNt;B. !T;yU Atr'x\m'l.W ~AYh; #yciy" rv,a] hd,F'h; bf,[e-ta, ~yhil{a/ hj,[]y: hk'K'-~aiw>Mat 6:30
vB'l.NI-hm; Aa hT,v.NI-hm;W lk;aNO-hm; rmoale Wdr>x,T,-la; !kel'Mat 6:31
hM'he ~k,yresox.m; hL,ae yKi [;deyO ~yIm;V'B; ~k,ybia]w: ~yIAGh; ~yviq.b;m. hL,ae-lk' yKiMat 6:32
tAps'An tAnT'm; ~k,l' Wnt.N"yI ~heh' ~ycip'x]h;-lk'w> Atq'd>ciw> ~yhil{a/ tWkl.m; hn"voarI WvQ.B; %a;Mat 6:33
Atr'c'B. ~AYl; yD; Amc.[;l. ga;d>yI rx'm' ~Ay rx'm' ~Ayl. Wga]d>Ti-la; !kel'Mat 6:34
WjpeV'ti al{w> WjP.v.ti al{Mat 7:1
~T,a;-~G: ~k,l' dM;yI WDmoT' rv,a] hD'Mib;W ~T,a;-~g: Wjp.V'Ti WjPov.Ti rv,a] jP'v.Mib; yKiMat 7:2
^n<y[eB. rv,a] hr'AQh;-la, ble-tv,t' al{w> ^yxia' !y[eB. rv,a] ~ybib'v.-la, jyBit; hM'l'w>Mat 7:3
^n<y[eB. hr'Aq hNEhiw> ^n<y[eme ~ybib'v. hr'ysia'w> @r,h, ^yxia'l. rm;aTo %yae AaMat 7:4
^yxia' !y[eme ~ybib'v. rysih'l. ha,r>ti haor' !ke yrex]a;w> ^n<y[eme hr'AQh;-ta, hn"voarI @nEx' rseh'Mat 7:5
~k,t.a, Wpr>j'w> Wbv'w> ~h,yleg>r;B. ~Wsm.r>yI-!P, ~yrIyzIx]l; ~k,ynEynIP.-ta,w> ~ybil'K.l; vd,Qoh; WnT.ti al{Mat 7:6
~k,l' xt;P'yIw> Wqp.DI Wac'm.tiw> Wvr>DI ~k,l' !teN"yIw> Wla]v;Mat 7:7
Al xt;P'yI qpeDoh;w> ac'm.yI vreDoh;w> xQ;yI laeVoh;-lK' yKiMat 7:8
!b,a' Al-!TeYIw: ~x,l' WNM,mi la;v' AnB. rv,a] ~K,mi vyai ymi yKiMat 7:9
vx'n" Al-!TeYIw: gD' vQeBi-~ai AaMat 7:10
wyv'r>dol. bAj-!T,yI ~yIm;V'B;v, ~k,ybia]-yKi @a; ~k, tAbjo tAnT'm; ttel' !W[d>Te ~T,a; ~y[ir' yKi @a;w>Mat 7:11
~yaiybiN>h;w> hr'ATh; tazO yKi ~T,a;-~G: !ke-AmK. ~h,l' Wf[] ~yvin"a] ~k,l' !Wf[]Y:v, WcP.x.T; rv,a] lKo !kel'Mat 7:12
hM'v' ~yaiB'h; ~he ~yBir;w> !ADb'a]h'-la, hk'yliAMh; hb'x'r> %r,D,h;w> r[;V;h; bx'r' yKi rC'h; r[;V;b; WaBoMat 7:13
~he rP's.mi ytem. h'ya,c.moW ~yYIx;h;-la, hk'yliAMh; hr'C'-hm; %r,D,h;w> r[;V;h; rC;-hm;WMat 7:14
@r,j' ybeaez> ~hew> ~yfib'K. rA[B. ~k, ~yaiB'h; rq,v' yaeybiN>mi ~k,l' Wrm.V'hiMat 7:15
~nIynIC.mi ~ynIaet. Aa ~yBir;q.[;me ~ybin"[] Wrc.b.yIh] ~t'ao WryKiT; ~y"r>piB.Mat 7:16
tx'v.m' yrIP. tx'v.nI #[ew> bAj yrIp. hf,[]y: bAj #[e-lK' !KeMat 7:17
bAj yrIP. tAf[]l; lk;Wy-al{ tx'v.nI #[ew> tx'v.m' yrIP. tAf[]l; lk;Wy-al{ bAj #[eMat 7:18
vae tl,koa]m;l. !T;yUw> [d;G"yI bAj yrIp. hf,[o yTil.Bi #[e-lk'w>Mat 7:19
~t'ao WryKiT; ~y"r>piB. !Ke-l[;Mat 7:20
~yIm'V'B; rv,a] ybia' !Acr> hf,[oh'-~ai yKi ~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m;l. aboy" !Ada' !Ada' yli areQoh;-lk' al{Mat 7:21
tABr; tAal'p.nI Wnyfi[' ^m.vib.W ~ydIve Wnv.r;GE ^m.viB. WnaBenI ^m.vib. al{h] ynIdoa] ynIdoa] ~yBir; yl;ae Wrm.ayO aWhh; ~AYB; hy"h'w>Mat 7:22
!wEa' yle[]Po yNIM,mi WrWs ydIA[me ~k,t.a, yTi[.d;y" al{mh,l' dyGIa; hKo za'Mat 7:23
[l;S'h;-l[; Atybe hn"B' rv,a] ble-~k;x]l; WNk,r>[,a, ~t'ao hf,[ow> hL,ae yr;b'd>li [;meVoh;-lK' !kel'Mat 7:24
[l;S'B; dS;yU yKi lp;n" al{w> aWhh; tyIB;b; W[G>p.YIw: ha'B' hl'AdG> x;Wrw> Wpjov.yI ~yIm; ylex]n: hc'r>a; %T;nI ~v,G<h;Mat 7:25
lAxh;-l[; Atybe hn"B' rv,a] ble-rs;x]l; lv;m.nI ~t'ao hf,[]y: al{w> hL,ae yr;b'd>li [;meVoh;-lk'w>Mat 7:26
hl'Adg> hl'Pem;l. yhiy>w: lPoYIw: aWhh; tyIB;b; W[G>p.YIw: ha'B' hl'AdG> x;Wrw> Wpjov.yI ~yIm; ylex]n: hc'r>a; %T;nI ~v,G<h;Mat 7:27
Atr'AT-l[; ~['h' !Amh] Whm.t.YIw: hL,aeh' ~yrIb'D>h;-ta, [;WvyE tALk;K. yhiy>w:Mat 7:28
~yrIp.ASk; al{w> ! troAhK. ~t'ao hr,Am hy"h' yKiMat 7:29
wyr'x]a; ~ykil.ho br' ~[; !Amh]w: rh'h'-!mi dr,YEw:Mat 8:1
ynIreh]j;l. lk;Wt al{h] hT'a; #pex'-~ai ynIdoa] rmoale Al-WxT;v.YIw: aB' [r'com. vyai hNEhiw>Mat 8:2
[g:r'K. AT[.r;C'mi rh;j.YIw: rh'j.W ynIa] #pex' rm;aYOw: [;WvyE AB-[G:YIw: Ady"-ta, jv,AYw:Mat 8:3
~h,l' tWd[el. hv,mo hW"ci rv,a] !B'r>Q'h;-ta, breq.h;w> !heKoh; ynEy[el. haer'hew> %le qr; vyail. dGET;-la; haer> [;WvyE wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 8:4
rmoale Al-!N<x;t.YIw: dx'a, ha'me-rf; wyl'ae vG:YIw: ~Wxn:-rp;K.-la, [;WvyE aB' rv,a]k;w>Mat 8:5
daom. hN<[um.W tAmc'[]-hken> ytiybeB. bK' lp;n" yrI[]n: hNEhi ynIdoa]Mat 8:6
wytiap'r>W ab' ynIn>hi [;WvyE wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 8:7
yxiy< r[;N:h;w> rb'D' hr'B.D; qr; %a; ytir'qo lceb. abot' hT'a; yKi taZOmi ytiL{q;n> ynIdoa] rm;aYOw: ha'Meh;-rf; ![;Y:w:Mat 8:8
hf,[]y:w> tazO-hfe[] yDIb.[;l.W aboy"w> aBo rxea;l.W %leyEw> %le ~h,me dx'a,l. rm;ao ykiw> yTi[.m; ~yrIs' yv;n"a]w: hl'v'm.m, t[;m; rs' ynIa]-~g: yKiMat 8:9

ytiac'm' al{ laer'f.yIB.-~G: h'Amk' hl'AdG> hn"Wma/ ~k,l' dyGIm; ynIa] !mea' wyr'x]a; ~ykil.hoh;-la, rm,aYOw: ha,T'v.YIw: [;WvyE [m;v.YIw:Mat 8:10
~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m;B. bqo[]y:w> qx'c.yI ~h'r'b.a;-~[i hB'sim.Bi Wbv.yEw> br'[]M;miW xr'z>Mimi Waboy" ~yBir; yKi ~k,l' rmeao ynIn>hiw>Mat 8:11
~yIN"vi qrox]w: ykib. hy<h.yI ~v' hc'Wxh; %v,xoh;-la, WxD;yI tWkl.M;h; ynEb.WMat 8:12
ayhih; h['V'B; Ayl.x'me r[;N:h; yxiy>w: %l' ~Wqy" !Ke T'n>m;a/h, rv,a]K; %le [;WvyE rm;a' ha'Meh;-rf;-la,w>Mat 8:13
tx;D'q; tl;Ax tb,k,vo ATn>t;xo-ta, ar>Y:w: sArj.P,-tyBe [;WvyE aboY"w:Mat 8:14
~h, trev'T.w: ~q'T'w: hN"M,mi tx;D;Q;h; @r,Tiw: Hd'y"B. [G:YIw:Mat 8:15
~y"l.x'me hy"x/h, ~yliAxh;-lK' taew> wyPi-rb;d>Bi tAxWrh'-ta, vr,g"y>w: tA[r' tAxWr ~B' Wqb.D' rv,a] ~yBir; wyl'ae WaybiY"w: br,[,B' yhiy>w:Mat 8:16
~l'b's. Wnybeaok.m;W af'n" aWh WnyEl'x\ rmoale aybiN"h; Why"[.v;y>-dy:B. rm;a/n< rv,a] tae taL{m;l.Mat 8:17
~Y"h; rb,[e-la, ~V'mi rbo[]l; wc;y>w: Al-bybis' br' ~[; !Amh] [;WvyE tAar>Ki yhiy>w:Mat 8:18
%leTe rv,a]-lK'-la, ^yr,x]a; %leae yBir; Al rm,aYOw: ~yrIp.ASh; dx;a; wyl'ae vG:YIw:Mat 8:19
Avaro-ta, x;ynIh'l. ~Aqm' Al !yae ~d'a'h'-!b,W Hl' !qe ~yIm;V'h; rAPciw> ~h,l' ~yrIAx ~yli['WVh; [;WvyE wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 8:20
hn"voarI ybia'-ta, rBoq.liw> tk,l,l' yLi-hn"T. ynIdoa] wyl'ae rm;a' wyd'ymil.T; br,Q,mi rxea; vyaiw>Mat 8:21
~h,yteme-ta, ~ytiMel; xN:h;w> yr'x]a; %le [;WvyE wyl'ae rm,aYOw:Mat 8:22
AM[i Wdr>y" wyd'ymil.t;w> hY"nIa\B' dr,YEw:Mat 8:23
~D'r>nI aWhw> hY"nIa\h'-ta, ~yLiG:h; tASK;-d[; ~Y"B; rA[nE lAdG" r[;s; hNEhiw>Mat 8:24
Wnd>b'a' yKi WnynEdoa] h['yviAh War'q.YIw: Whruy[iy>w: wyl'ae WvG>YIw:Mat 8:25
hl'Adg> hm'm'D> yhiT.w: ~Y"b;W tAxWrB' r[;g>YIw: ~q'Y"w: hn"mua/ yNEj;q. ~ydIrex] ~T,a; hM'l' ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 8:26
Alqol. ~ybiyviq.m; ~Y"h;w> tAxWrh'-~G: rv,a] hz< aWh ymi rmoale ~yvin"a]h' Whm.t.YIw:Mat 8:27
dx;P'mi aWhh; %r,D,B; rbo[]l; vyai lkoy" al{ rv,a]-d[; daom.-d[; ~ypi[]zO ~h,ynEp.W tArb'Q.h; yTeB'mi ~yaic.yO tA[r' tAxWr ~B' Wqb.D' rv,a] ~yvin"a] ynEv. WhvuG>p.YIw: ~YIrid>G:h; #r,a,-
la, ~Y"h; rb,[e-la, AaboK. yhiy>w:Mat 8:28
t[eh' ha'B' ~r,j, WnteAN[;l. t'aB' ~aih; ~yhil{a/h'-!B, [;WvyE %l'w" WnL'-hm; rmoale ~yqi[]co ~he hNEhiw>Mat 8:29
~h,l' qAxr'me ~v' h[,ro hy"h' ~yBir; ~yrIyzIx] rd,[ew>Mat 8:30
~yrIyzIx]h; rd,[eB. aAbl' Wnl'-hN"Ti rmeao hT'a; Wnver.g"l. ~ai rmoale tAxWrh' Al-WnN>x;t.YIw:Mat 8:31
~yIM'B; Wdb.aYOw: ~Y"h; %AT-la, dr'AMb; Wpj.v' rd,[eh'-lK' hNEhiw> ~yrIyzIx]h; rd,[eB. WaboY"w: Wac.YEw: Wkl. ~h,l' rm,aYOw:Mat 8:32
tA[r'h' tAxWrh' ~B' Wqb.D' rv,a]l; hr'q' rv,a] taew> ht'y"h.nI rv,a] lK'-ta, WdyGIY:w: hr'y[ih' WaboY"w: Wsn" ~y[iroh'w>Mat 8:33
~l'WbG>mi rbo[]l; Ab-Wrc.p.YIw: Whaur>YIw: [;WvyE tar; ha'c.y" ry[ih'-lK' hNEhiw>Mat 8:34
Ary[i-la, aboY"w: rbo[]Y:w: hY"nIa\B' dr,YEw:Mat 9:1
^yt,aJox; ^l.-Wxl.s.nI ynIB. qz:x] tAmc'[]h' hken>-la, rm;a' ~t'n"Wma/-ta, [;WvyE tAar>biW hJ'Mih;-l[; bkevo tAmc'[] hken> vyai wyl'ae Waybihe hNEhiw>Mat 9:2
aWh @Deg:m. hZ<h; vyaih' ~B'lib. Wrm.a' ~yrIp.As ~yvin"a] ~v'w>Mat 9:3
~k,b.b;l.Bi tA[r' WGh.T, [;WDm; rm;aYOw: ~t'bov.x.m;-ta, [;WvyE [d;YEw:Mat 9:4
%L'h;t.hiw> ~Wq rmoale Aa ^yt,aJox; ^l.-Wxl.s.nI rmoale ~ai lqen" hm' yKiMat 9:5
^t,yBe-la, ^l.-%l,w> ^t.J'mi-ta, af' ~Wq tAmc'[]h' hken>-la, rm;a' za' ~yaiJ'x; x;l{ #r,a'B' ~d'a'h'-!b,l. !Ayv.rI vyE yKi !W[d>Te ![;m;l. %a;Mat 9:6
AtyBe-la, %l,YEw: ~q'Y"w:Mat 9:7
~d'a' hz<K' ! !t;n" rv,a] ~yhil{ale dAbk' WnT.YIw: Wmm]ATv.yIw: ~['h' !Amh] War>YIw:Mat 9:8
wyr'x]a; %l,YEw: ~q'Y"w: yr'x]a; %le wyl'ae rm,aYOw: Why"t.Tim; Amv.W sk,M,h;-tybeB. bveyO dx'a, vyai ar>Y:w: ~V'mi [;WvyE rbo[]Y:w:Mat 9:9
wyd'ymil.t;w> [;WvyE-~[i lkoa/l, Wbv.YEw: WaB' ~yBir; ~yaiJ'x;w> ~ysik.Am hNEhiw> AtybeB. ~x,L,h;-l[; ATb.viB. yhiy>w:Mat 9:10
~yaiJ'x;h;w> ~ysik.AMh;-~[i ~k,B.r; lk;ayO [;WDm; wyd'ymil.T;-la, Wrm.aYOw: ~yviWrP.h; War>YIw:Mat 9:11
~yliAxh;-~ai yKi aperoh'-~[i rb'D' ~h,l' !yae ~yqiz"x]h; ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: [;WvyE [m;v.YIw:Mat 9:12
hb' ~yaiJ'x;l;-~ai yKi abol' ~yqiyDIC;l; ytiab'-al{ yKi xb;z" al{w> yTic.p;x' ds,x, hZ<-hm; t[;d;l' Wkl. ~T,a;w>Mat 9:13
Wmcuy" al{ ^yd,ymil.t;w> ~Wcl' ~yBir>m; ~yviWrP.h;-~[i Wnx.n:a] [;WDm; Wrm.aYOw: !n"x'Ay ydeymil.T; wyl'ae WvG>YIw:Mat 9:14
Wmcuy" za'w> !t'x'h, ~h,me xQ;luw> Waboy" ~ymiy" hNEhiw> ~h,M'[i !t'x'h, dA[B. hN"tux]h; yaeruq. WlB.a;t.yIh] [;WvyE ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 9:15
h'y[,r'q.-l[; @ysiAtw> hl'm.Fih;-!mi [r;g>Ti Ht'a'LumiB. ha'l'J.h;-!P, hl'b' hl'[; hv'd'x] ha'l'j. ~yrIp.To !yaew>Mat 9:16
~h,ynEv. Wyh.yI ~yrImuv.W ~yvid'x] tAdanOB. !T;yU vAryTi lb'a] !Wyl'k.yI tAdaNOh;w> !yIY:h; %P;v.nIw> tAdaNOh; W[q.B'yI-!P, ~yliB' tAdanOB. !T;yU al{ vArytiw>Mat 9:17
hy<x.ti hyOx'w> h'yl,[' ^d>y" an"-~yfiw> aBo lb'a] hz<B' yl;[' ht'me yTiBi rmoale Al-WxT;v.YIw: aB' ~yviar'h' dx;a; hNEhiw> hL,aeh' ~yrIb'D>K; ~h,ylea] rBed;m. WNd,A[Mat 9:18
wyd'ymil.t;w> aWh AM[i %l,YEw: [;WvyE ~q'Y"w:Mat 9:19
wyr'x]a;me Adg>Bi @n:k.Bi [G:Tiw: hb'r>q' hn"v' hr,f.[, ~yTev. Wkv.m.nI Hb'Az ymey> rv,a] ~D'-tb;z" hV'ai hNEhiw>Mat 9:20
h['veW"aiw> Adg>biB. [G:a,-%a; ~ai HB'liB. hr'm.a' yKiMat 9:21
Hl' hk'rua] ht'l.[' ayhih; t[eb'W %L' h['yviAh %ten"Wma/ yTibi yqiz>xi rm;aYOw: Ht'ao ar>Y:w: [;WvyE !p,YIw:Mat 9:22
hm,ho ~['h'-ta,w> ~ylilix]B; ~yliL.x;m.h;-ta, ar>Y:w: varoh'-tyBe-la, [;WvyE aboY"w:Mat 9:23
Al Wg[]l.YIw: ayhi hn"vey> qr; yKi ht'me al{ hD'l.Y:h; hZ<mi Wac. rm;aYOw:Mat 9:24
h'yl,g>r;-l[; hr'[]N:h; ~q'T'w: Hd'y"B. qz<x]Y:w: ht'y>B'h; aboY"w: ~V'mi ~['h'-ta, WayciAh rv,a]k;w>Mat 9:25
ayhih; #r,a'h'-lk'B. ha'c.y" taZOh; h['muV.h;w>Mat 9:26
dwID'-!B, WnNEx' ~yarIqow> ~yqi[]co wyr'x]a; Wkl.h' ~yrIw>[i ~yvin"a] ynEv.W ~V'mi [;WvyE rbo[]Y:w:Mat 9:27
WnynEdoa] !he Atao Wn[]Y:w: tazOK' tAf[]l; ydIy" lael.-vy< yKi Wnymia]t;h] ~h,ylea] [;WvyE rm,aYOw: ~yrIw>[ih; wyn"p'l. WvG>YIw: tyIB;h;-la, Aabok.WMat 9:28
~k,l' ~Wqy" !Ke ~k,t.n:Wma/K, rm;aYOw: ~h,ynEy[eB. [G:YIw:Mat 9:29
vyail. rb'D'h; [d;W"yI yTil.bil. War> rmoale [;WvyE ~B' d[;Y"w: ~h,ynEy[e hn"x.q;P'Tiw:Mat 9:30

ayhih; #r,a'h'-lk'B. A[m.v'-ta, WayciYOw: Wac.y" ~hew>Mat 9:31
AB qb;D' [r' x;Wr rv,a] wyn"p'l. ab'Wh ~Leai vyaiw> ~yaic.yO ~he %a;Mat 9:32
laer'f.yIB. tazOk' ht'a]r>nI-al{ ~l'A[me Wrm.aYOw: ~['h' !Amh] Whm.t.YIw: rBed;l. lxehe ~Leaih'w> WNM,mi [r'h' x;Wrh'-ta, vr,g"y>w:Mat 9:33
~ydIVeh;-ta, vreg"m. aWh ~ydIVeh;-rf; ydey>-l[; Wrm.a' ~yviWrP.h; sp,a,Mat 9:34
~['B' hw<d>m;-lk'w> hl'x]m;-lk' aperow> tWkl.M;h; tr;AfB. rFeb;m. ts,nEK.h; yTeb'B. ~h,l' hr,AYw: ~yrIp'K.h;w> ~yrI['h,-lk'B. [;WvyE bs'Y"w:Mat 9:35
h[,ro ~h,l'-!yae rv,a] !aCoK; ~ycipon>W ~ypiL.[;t.mi ~he yKi ~h,yle[] wym'x]r; Wrm.k.nI ~ynImoh]h;-ta, ha'r' rv,a]k;w>Mat 9:36
~yJi[;m. ~yli[]Poh;w> br; ryciQ'h; ~l'Wa wyd'ymil.T;-la, rm,aYOw:Mat 9:37 ~yli[]Po x;l{ ryciQ'h; !Ada]-la, WryTi[.h; !Ke-l[;Mat 9:38
hw<d>m;-lk'w> hl'x]m;-lK' aPor>liw> !v'r.g"l. ha'm.Juh; tAxWr-l[; x;Ko ~d'y"B. !TeYIw: wyd'ymil.T; rf'[' ~ynEv. wyl'ae ar'q.YIw:Mat 10:1
wyxia' !n"x'Ayw> yDIb.z:-!B, bqo[]y: wyxia' yr;D>n>a;w> sArj.p, hN<kum.h; !A[ !AvarIh' ~yxiyliV.h; rf'[' ~ynEv. tAmv. hL,aew>Mat 10:2
yD't; hN<kuM.h; yB;l;w> yP;l.x;-!B, bqo[]y: skeAMh; Why"t.Tim;W am'AT ym;l.T;-rb;W sAPliyPiMat 10:3
Atao ryGIs.M;h; aWh tAYrIq.-vyai hd'WhywI ynI[]n:K.h; !A[m.viMat 10:4
WaboT'-la; ~ynIrom.Voh; yre['-la,w> ~k,yme[]P; ~yIAGh; %r,d,l. WmyfiT'-la; rmoale ~h,yle[] wc;y>w: [;WvyE xl;v' hL,aeh' rf'[' ~ynEv.-ta,Mat 10:5
WkleTe laer'f.yI tyBemi !acol.-~ai yKiMat 10:6
abol' hb'Arq. ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; rmoale War>qi !Wkl.Te rv,a]k;w>Mat 10:7
WnTeTi ~N"xiw> ~T,x.q;l. ~N"xi tA[r'h' tAxWrh'-ta, Wvr>g"w> ~y[ir'com.h;-ta, Wrh]j; ~ytiMeh;-ta, Wmyqih' ~yliAxh;-ta, Wap.rIMat 10:8
syKiB; tv,xon> Aa @s,k, Aa bh'z" ~k,l' Wxq.Ti-la;Mat 10:9
Aty"x.mi yDe l[ePol; !Akn"-yKi hJ,m; al{w> ~yIl;[]n: al{w> ~ydIg"B. tApylix] al{w> %r,D,l; jWql.y: al{w>Mat 10:10
!Wrbo[]t;-yKi d[; AM[i ~T,b.v;ywI dB'k.NIh; hM'v' aWh ymi Wvr>DI WaboT' rv,a] rp'k. Aa ry[i-lk'b.WMat 10:11
tyIB'h; Wdq.p.Ti ht'y>B'h; ~k,a]bob.WMat 10:12
bWvy" ~k,ylea] ~k,m.Alv. hm'Wam. tyIB;h; bv'x.n<-al{ ~aiw> wyl'[' ~k,m.Alv. lWxy" hm'Wam. tyIB;h; bv'x.n<-~aiMat 10:13
~k,yleg>r; l[;me qb'a'h'-ta, ~T,r>[;n>W ayhih; ry[ih'-!mi Aa aWhh; tyIB;h;-!mi ~k,l' Wac. ~k,yreb.dIl. byviq.y: al{w> ~k,t.a, @soa/y<-al{ rv,a] vyai-lk'w>Mat 10:14
taZOh; ry[il' rv,a]me hr'mo[]w: ~dos. #r,a,l. jP'v.Mih; ~Ay hy<h.yI lqen" ~k,l' dyGIm; ynIa] !mea'Mat 10:15
~ynIAYK; ~ymiymit.W ~yvix'N>K; ~ymiWr[] Wyh/ !Ke-l[; ~ybiaez> br,q,B. !acoK. ~k,t.a, x;levo ykinOa' hNEhiMat 10:16
ts,nEK.h; yTeb'B. ~yjiAVB; ~t,yKehuw> !yrId>h,n>S;h;-ydeyli ~k,t.a, WryGIs.y: ~he yKi ~d'a'-ynEb. ynEP.mi ~k,l' Wrm.V'hi qr;Mat 10:17
~yIAGl;w> ~h,l' tWd[el. ynI[]m;l. Wlb'WT ~ykil'm.W ynEp.liw>Mat 10:18
!WrBed;T.-rv,a] tae ~k,ypiB. ~f;Wy ayhih; t[eh' ~c,[,B. yKi rBed;N>-hm; Aa rBed;n> hk'yae rmoale Wdr>x,T,-la; ~k,t.a, WryGIs.y: rv,a]k;w>Mat 10:19
~k,B' rbeDoh; ~k,ybia]-x;Wr ~ai yKi ~yrIB.d;m.h; ~he ~T,a; al{ yKiMat 10:20
~Wtymihew> ~t'Aba]-l[; ~ynIb' WmWqy"w> AnB.-ta, ba'w> tw<M'l; wyxia'-ta, ryGIs.y: xa'w>Mat 10:21
[;veW"yI #Qeh;-d[; hK,x;m.h; %a; ymiv. rWb[]B; ~d'a'-lk'l. Wyh.Ti ~yainUf. ~T,a;w>Mat 10:22
~d'a'h'-!B, aboy"-yKi d[; laer'f.yI yre[' rbo[]l; WLk;t. al{ ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea' tr,x,a; ry[i-la, ~k,l' WsWn tx;a; ry[iB. ~k,t.a, WpD>r>yI-ykiw>Mat 10:23
wyn"doa]me db,[,w> ABr'mi br; WNn<yae dymil.T;h;Mat 10:24
Atybe yven>a;l.-yKi @a; tyIB;h; l[;b;l. War>q' bWbz>-l[;B; ~ai wyn"doaK; db,[,l'w> ABr;K. dymil.T;l; yD;Mat 10:25
[;deW"yI al{ rv,a] ~l'[.n< !yaew> hl,G"yI al{ rv,a] rT's.nI rb'D'-!yae yKi ~h,ynEP.mi War>yTi-la; !Ke-l[;Mat 10:26
tAGG:h;-l[; W[ymiv.h; vx;l;B. ~k,n>z>a' [m;v.Ti rv,a] taew> vm,V'h; !y[el. WdyGIh; %v,xoB. ~k,d>GEa; rv,a] taeMat 10:27
~NOhiygEB. rf'B'h;-ta, ~g:w> vp,N<h;-ta, ~G: groh]l; Al br; wyd'y" rv,a] wyn"P'mi War.yI-~ai yKi ~d'y" gyFit; al{ vp,N<h;-ta, groh]l;w> rf'B'h; ygEr>ho ynEP.mi War>yTi-la;w>Mat 10:28
~k,ybia] !Acr> ylib.Bi hc'r>a; lPoti al{ !h,me tx;a;w> dx'a, rS'aiB. tArK'm.nI ~yrIP\ci yTev. al{h]Mat 10:29
~r'P' Wnm.nI ~k,v.aro tAr[]f;-~G: ~T,a;w>Mat 10:30
tABr; ~yrIP\Cimi br; ~k,K.r>[, War'yTi-la; !Ke-l[;Mat 10:31
ykinOa'-~G: ~yIm;V'b; ybia' WNr,ymia]a; ~d'a'h'-ynEb. ynIreymia]y: rv,a] vyai-lK' !kel'Mat 10:32
ynIa'-~G: ~yIm;V'b; ybia' AB-vx,k;a] ~d'a'h'-ynEb. yBi-vx,k;y> rv,a] vyai-lk'w>Mat 10:33
br,x'-~ai yKi ~Alv' aybih'l. ytiab' al{ #r,a'B' ~Alv' aybih'l. ytiab' yKi Wbv.x.T;-la;Mat 10:34
Ht'Amx]l; hL'K; !ybeW HM'ail. tB; !yBe wybia'l. vyai !yBe dyrIp.h;l. ytiab' yKiMat 10:35
Atybe yven>a; vyai ybey>aow>Mat 10:36
yli hA,v WNn<yae yNIM,mi rteAy ATBi-ta, Aa AnB.-ta, bheaoh'w> yli hA,v WNn<yae yNIM,mi rteAy AMai-ta, Aa wybia'-ta, bheaoh'Mat 10:37
yli hA,v WNn<yae yr'x]a; %leyEw> Abl'c.-ta, xQ;yI-al{ rv,a] ymiWMat 10:38
hN"a,c'm.yI ylil'g>Bi Avp.n:-ta, %yliv.M;h;w> Al db;aTo Avp.n:-ta, aceMoh;Mat 10:39
yxil.vo ynEP. lBeq;m. aWh yn:P' lBeq;m.h;w> yn"P' lBeq;m. ~k,ynEP. lBeq;m.h;Mat 10:40
qyDIc; rk;f. gyFiy: qyDIc; ~veB. qyDIc; ynEP. lBeq;m.h;w> aybin" rk;f. gyFiy: aybin" ~veB. aybin" ynEP. lBeq;m.h;Mat 10:41
Ark'f. db;ayO-al{ yKi ~k,l' dyGIm; ynIa] !mea' dymil.T; ~veB. ~yrIq' ~yIm; sAK qr; hL,aeh' ~yNIj;Q.h; dx;a;-ta, hq,v.y: rv,a] ymiWMat 10:42
~h,yre['B. At['Wvy> [;ymiv.h;l.W dMel;l. ~V'mi rbo[]Y:w: wyd'ymil.T; rf'[' ~ynEv.-ta, tWOc;l. [;WvyE tALk;K. yhiy>w:Mat 11:1
wyd'ymil.T;mi ~yIn:v. wyl'ae xl;v.YIw: x;yviM'h; tAlli[]-ta, [m;v' ~yriWsa]h' tybeB. !n"x'Ayw>Mat 11:2
rxea;l. hK,x;n>-~ai Aa aB'h; aWh hT'a;h; rm;aYOw:Mat 11:3
~t,yair>-rv,a] taew> ~T,[.m;v.-rv,a] tae !n"x'Ayl. WdyGIh;w> Wkl. ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: [;WvyE ![;Y:w:Mat 11:4
h['Wvy> ~yrIF.B;t.mi ~yYInI[]w: ~ymiq' ~ytime ~y[im.vo ~yvir>xew> ~yaiP'r>nI ~y[ir'com. ~ykil.ho ~yxis.piW ~yairo ~yrIw>[iMat 11:5
yBi lveK'yI-al{ rv,a] vyaih' yrev.a;w>Mat 11:6

x;Wr-ynEP.mi [;ANyI rv,a] hn<q' ~aih; tAar>li hr'B'd>Mih; ~t,ac'y> hZ<-hm; !n"x'Ay-l[; ~['h' !Amh]-la, rBed;l. [;WvyE lxehe ~T'k.l,b.WMat 11:7
hM'he ~ykil'm. yTeb'B. tAdmux] yveb.l{ hNEhi tAdmux] ydeg>Bi vWbl' vyai ~aih; tAar>li ~t,ac'y> hZ<-hm; %a;Mat 11:8
aybiN"mi aWh lAdG"-~g: yKi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !he aybin" vyai tAar>li ~aih; ~t,ac'y> hZ<-hm; %a;Mat 11:9
^yn<p'l. ^K.r>d; hN"piW ^yn<p'l. ykia'l.m; x;levo ynIn>hi wyl'[' bWtK' rv,a] aWh hz<Mat 11:10
WNM,mi lD;g>yI ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m;B. !joQ'h;w> lBej;m.h; !n"x'AYmi lAdG" hV'ai ydeyliy> !yBe ~q' al{ ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea'Mat 11:11
Hb' WqyzIx]y: x;ko-y[eroz>W hq'z>x'b. hf'P.t.nI ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; hN"he-d[; lBej;m.h; !n"x'Ay ymeymiWMat 11:12
WaB'nI !n"x'Ay-d[; hr'ATh;w> ~yaiybiN>h;-lk' yKiMat 11:13
abol' dyti['h, WhY"liae aWh hz< [; WbaTo-~aiw>Mat 11:14
[m'v.yI [; Al ~yIn:z>a' rv,a] ymiMat 11:15
rmoale ~h,y[erel. ~yarIqow> ~yqiw"v.Bi ~ybiv.yO ~ydIl'y>l; aWh hm,d>nI hZ<h; rADh;-ta, hM,d;a] ymi-la,w>Mat 11:16
~T,d>p;s. al{w> ~ynIn>Aqm. ~T,d>q;r> al{w> ~k,l' WnyyIh' ~yrIM.z:m.Mat 11:17
AB dve Wrm.a'w> ht,vo al{w> lkeao al{ !n"x'Ay ab'-yKiMat 11:18
h'yn<b;B. qDej;c.Ti hm'k.x'h; %a; ~yaiJ'x;w> ~ysik.Mol; bheaow> abesow> lleAz vyai hNEhi ~hew> ht,vow> lkeao aB' ~d'a'h'-!b,WMat 11:19
Wbv' al{w> wyt'Aal.p.nI bro !k'Atb. Wf[]n: rv,a] ~yrI['h,-l[; hP'r>x, lgOl' lxehe za'Mat 11:20
rp,aew" qf;B. Wbv' rb'K. !k,k.AtB. Wf[]n: rv,a] tAal'p.NIh; !Adycib.W rAcb. Wf[]n: Wl yKi hd'y>c'-tyBe %l' yAa !yzIr'AK %l' yAaMat 11:21
!k,l' rv,a]me !Adycil.W rAcl. jP'v.Mih; ~Ay hy<h.yI lqen" !k,l' rmeao ynIa] sp,a,Mat 11:22
hZ<h; ~AYh;-d[; HL'Ti-l[; hd'm.['w> ykikeAtB. Wf[]n: rv,a] tAal'p.NIh; Wf[]n: Wl yKi ydIr'WT lAav.-la, ~yIm;V'h;-d[; T.m.m;Ar rv,a] ~Wxn:-rp;K. T.a;w>Mat 11:23
!k,l' rv,a]me ~dos. tm;d>a;l. jP'v.Mih; ~Ay hy<h.yI lqen" !k,l' rmeao ynIa] sp,a,Mat 11:24
~ylil'A[l. ~t'ao t'yLigIw> ~ynIAbn>W ~ymik'x] ynEy[eme hL,ae-ta, T'r>T;s.hi yKi #r,a'h'w> ~yIm;V'h; !Ada] ybia' ^d>Aa rm;aYOw: [;WvyE hn"[' ayhih; t[eB'Mat 11:25
^yn<p'l. !Acr'h' hy"h' !Ke ybia' !kea'Mat 11:26
Al AtALg:l. !Beh; AB #pex' rv,a] aWhh;w> !Beh; ytil'Wz [;deyO vyai !yae ba'h'-ta,w> ba'h' ytil'Wz !Beh;-ta, [;deyO vyai !yaew> ybia' taeme ydIy"B. rs;m.nI lKoh;Mat 11:27
[;AGr>m; ~k,l' !Tea, ynIa]w: lB'sum.W lme['-lK' yl;ae-WnP.Mat 11:28
~k,ytevop.n:l. hx'Wnm. Wac.m.tiw> bb'le xv;w> ykinOa' wyn"['-yKi yNIM,mi Wdm.liw> ~k,yle[] yLi[u-ta, Waf.Mat 11:29
lq' yaiF'm;W %r; yLi[u yKiMat 11:30
WlkeaYOw: ~d'y"B. tl{ylim. WLxeY"w: wyd'ymil.t; Wb[]r>YIw: tB'V;h; ~AyB. hm'q' hdef.Bi [;WvyE %l;h' ayhih; t[eB'Mat 12:1
tB'V;b; hf,['yE-al{ rv,a] tae ~yfi[o ^yd,ymil.t; hNEhi wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw: ~yviWrP.h; War>YIw:Mat 12:2
ATai rv,a] hL,aew> aWh b[er' rv,a]K; dwId' hf'[' hm, ~t,ar'q. al{h] ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 12:3
~D'b;l. ~ynIh]Koh;-~ai yTil.Bi wyr'['n>W aWh lk;ayO al{ hr'ATh; yPi-l[; rv,a] ~ynIP'h; ~x,l,-ta, lk;aYOw: ~yhil{a/h' tyBe-la, aB' rv,a]Mat 12:4
!A[' ~h,B' !yaew> tB'V;h; ~Ay-ta, WlL.x;y> vD'q.MiB; ~ynIh]Koh; yKi hr'ATB; ~t,ar'q. al{h] ~g:w>Mat 12:5
vD'q.Mih;-!mi lAdG" hz<B' vyE yKi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 12:6
~YIqiN>h;-ta, ~T,[.v;r>hi al{ xb;z" al{w> yTic.p;x' ds,x, hZ<-hm; ~T,[.d;y> Wlw>Mat 12:7
aWh tB'V;h; !Ada]-~G: ~d'a'h'-!B, yKiMat 12:8
~h,l' rv,a] ts,nEK.h;-tyBe-la, aboY"w: ~V'mi rbo[]Y:w:Mat 12:9
Anj.fil. ~d'y" ac'm.Ti ![;m;l. tB'V;b; aPer;l. hr'ATK; ~aih; rmoale Whlua'v.YIw: hv'bey> Ady" rv,a] vyai ~v'-hNEhiw>Mat 12:10
hN"l,[]y:w> HB' qyzIx]y: al{ tB'V;B; rABh;-la, lAPti yki ayhiw> hf'b.K; Al-rv,a] ~K,mi vyai ymi ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 12:11
tB'V;B; bAj tAf[]l; aWh hr'ATK; !Ke-l[; fb,K,h;-!mi ~d'a' %r,[e rq'Y"-hm;WMat 12:12
tr,x,a;K' Hn"t'yael. bv'T'w: Ht'ao jv,AYw: ^d,y"-ta, jveAh vyaih'-la, rm;a' za'Mat 12:13
Atyxiv.h;l. hM,B; wyl'[' tAc[e WtyviY"w: Wac.y" ~yviWrP.h;w>Mat 12:14
~L'Ku-ta, aPer;y>w: br' ~[; !Amh] wyr'x]a; %l,YEw: ~V'mi %l,YEw: !p,YIw: [;WvyE [d;YEw:Mat 12:15
Atao WLg:y> yTil.bil. ~B' d[;Y"w:Mat 12:16
rmoale aybiN"h; Why"[.v;y> rB,DI-rv,a] tae taL{m;l.Mat 12:17
ayciAy ~yIAGl; jP'v.mi wyl'[' yxiWr yTit;n" yvip.n: ht'c.r' ydIydIy> Ab yTir>x;B' yDIb.[; !heMat 12:18
AlAq #WxB; [m;V'yI-al{w> aF'yI al{w> q[;c.yI al{Mat 12:19
hN"B,k;y> al{ hh'ke hT'v.piW rABv.yI al{ #Wcr' hn<q'Mat 12:20
Wlxey:y> ~yIAG Amv.liw> jP'v.mi xc;n<l' ayciAy-d[;Mat 12:21
ha'r'w> rB,dI ~Leaih' rWE[ih'w> WhaeP'r>YIw: AB qb;D' [r' x;Wr rv,a] ~Leaiw> rWE[i vyai wyn"p'l. ab'Wh za'Mat 12:22
dwID'-!B, hz< ykih] Wrm.aYOw: ~['h' !Amh]-lK' WaT'v.YIw:Mat 12:23
~ydIVeh; rf; bWbz>-l[;b;B. ~ai yKi ~ydIVeh;-ta, vreg"m. hz< !yae Wrm.a'w> W[m.v' ~yviWrP.h;w>Mat 12:24
WmWqy" al{ ~v'p.n:-l[; ~ygIl.p.NIh; tyIb;W ry[i-lk'w> br'x/T, Hv'p.n:-l[; hg"l.p.NIh; hk'l'm.m;-lK' ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ~t'bov.x.m;-ta, [;WvyE [d;YEw:Mat 12:25
AtWkl.m; ~WqT' %yaew> Avp.n:-l[; aWh gl'p.nI !j'F'h;-ta, vreg"m. !j'F'h;-~aiw>Mat 12:26
~k,yjep.vo Wyh.yI ~he !Ke-l[; ~t'ao Wvr>g"y> ymiB. ~k,ynEB. bWbz>-l[;b;B. ~ydIVeh;-ta, vregO ynIa]-~aiw>Mat 12:27
!Akn"-la, ~k,ylea] ha'B' ~yhil{a/ tWkl.m; ~ydIVeh;-ta, vregO ynIa] ~yhil{a/ x;WrB. ~ai sp,a,Mat 12:28
AtybeB. rv,a] tae ll{v.yI rx;a;w> hn"voarI rABGIh;-ta, rsoa/y< al{-~ai wyl'Ke-ta, ll{v.liw> rABGIh; tyBe abol' vyai lk;Wy %yae AaMat 12:29
aWh rZEp;m. yTiai @Sea;m. WNn<yae rv,a] ymiW aWh yr;c'l. yli WNn<yae rv,a] ymiMat 12:30
Al-rP;kuy> al{ x;Wrh'-ta, @Deg:m.h; sp,a, ~d'a'l' WrP.kuy> hp'WDgIw> aj.xe-lK' ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !Ke-l[;Mat 12:31
aB'h; ~l'A[b'-al{w> hZ<h; ~l'A[b'-al{ Al-rP;kuy> al{ vd,Qoh; x;WrB. rBed;y> rv,a] ymiW Al-rP;kuy> ~d'a'h'-!b,B. rb'D' rBed;y> rv,a] ymiWMat 12:32

#[eh' rK;nI Ayr>piB. yKi [r' Ayr>piW [r' #[eh'-ta, Wf[] Aa bAj Ayr>piW bAj #[eh'-ta, Wf[] AaMat 12:33
hP,h; [;yBiy: bLeh; al{M.mi-yKi ~k,t.[;r'B. tAbjo rBed;l. Wlk.WT %yae ~ynI[ ydel.y:Mat 12:34
tA[r' ayciAy [r'h' Arc'Aame [r'-vyaiw> tAbjo ayciAy bAJh; ABli Arc'Aame bAj-vyaiMat 12:35
jP'v.Mih; ~AyB. !ABv.x, WnT.yI ~d'a'h' ynEb. WaJ.b;y> rv,a] lpeT' x;yfi-lK' l[; yKi ~k,l' rmeao ynIa]w:Mat 12:36
~v'a.T, ^yr,b'd>biW qdeC'Ti ^yr,b'd>Bi yKiMat 12:37
^yt,toAame tAa tAar>li Wnc.p;x' yBir; rmoale ~yviWrP.h;w> ~yrIp.ASh;-!mi ~yvin"a] Wn[]Y:w:Mat 12:38
aybiN"h; hn"Ay tAa ytil'Wz Al-!t,N"yI al{ tAaw> tAa vQeb;m. @aen"m.W [r' rAD ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 12:39
tAlyle hv'l{v.W ~ymiy" hv'l{v. #r,a'h' bleB. ~d'a'h'-!b, hy<h.yI !Ke tAlyle hv'l{v.W ~ymiy" hv'l{v. gD'h; y[em.Bi hn"Ay hy"h' rv,a]K; yKiMat 12:40
hn"AYmi lAdG" hz<b' Anv.y< hNEhiw> hn"Ay ta;yrIq.Bi Wbv' yKi Atao W[yvir>y:w> hZ<h; rADh;-~[i JP'v.Mib; WmWqy" hwEn>ynI yven>a;Mat 12:41
hmol{V.mi lAdG" hz<b' Anv.y< hNEhiw> hmol{v. tm;k.x' [; #r,a'h' tAcq.mi ha'b' yKi Atao [;yvir>t;w> hZ<h; rADh;-~[i jP'v.MiB; ~WqT' !m'yTe tK;l.m;Mat 12:42
h['GEr>m; ac'm.ti-al{w> vQeb;T. tboWal.T; #r,a,B. jjeAvT. ~d'a'h'-!mi Ht'aceB. ha'm.Juh; x;Wrw>Mat 12:43
ra'pom.W hQ,nUm.W bveyO yliB.mi qre WNa,c'm.Ti Hb'Wvb.W ~V'mi ytiac'y" rv,a] ynIK'v.mi-la, hb'Wva' rm;aTo za'Mat 12:44
hZ<h; [r'h' rADl; hy<h.yI !kew> Atyviareme h['r' aWhh; vyaih' tyrIx]a; ht'y>h'w> ~v' Wnk.v'w> Wab'W hN"M,mi tA[r' tArxea] tAxWr [b;v, HL' hx'q.l'w> %leTe za'Mat 12:45
ATai rBed;l. ~yviq.b;m.W #Wxb; Wdm.[' wyx'a,w> AMai hNEhiw> ~['h' !Amh]-la, rBed;m. Wnd,A[Mat 12:46
%T'ai rBed;l. ~yviq.b;m.W #WxB; ~ydIm.[o ^yx,a;w> ^ hNEhi Al dG:yUw:Mat 12:47
yx'a, ymiW yMiai ymi Al dyGIM;h;-la, rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 12:48
yx'a,w> yMiai hNEhi rm;aYOw: wyd'ymil.T;-l[; Ady"-ta, jYEw:Mat 12:49
yMiaiw> ytixoa]w: yxia' aWh ~yIm'V'B; ybia' !Acr> hf,[]y: rv,a] vyai vyai yKiMat 12:50
~Y"h; tp;f.-l[; bv,YEw: tyIB'h;-!mi [;WvyE ac'y" aWhh; ~AYB;Mat 13:1
@Axh;-l[; ~ydIm.[o ~['h'-lk'w> hY"nIa\B' bv,YEw: dr,YEw: wyl'ae Wlh]q.nI br' ~[; !Amh]w:Mat 13:2
[;roz>li ac'y" [;reAZh; hNEhi rm;aYOw: ~yBir; ~yliv'm.Bi wyr'b'd> aF'YIw:Mat 13:3
WNl,k.aYOw: ~yIm;V'h; @A[ aboY"w: %r,D'h; dy:-l[; [r;Z<h;-!mi rZ:Pi A[r.z"b.WMat 13:4
hm'd'a] qm,[o Al hy"h' rv,a] yliB.mi x; rhem;y>w: hm'd'a] yDe ~v' hy"h' al{w> [l;s, tm;d>a;-l[; lp;n" rv,a] [r;Z<h;-!mi vyEw>Mat 13:5
hJ'm'l. vr,vo Al-hy"h' al{ yKi vb'yYIw: breC'YIw: vm,V,h; x;roz>Ki yhiy>w:Mat 13:6
Atao W[L.b;y>w: ~yciQoh; Wl[]Y:w: ~yciQoh;-la, lp;n" rv,a] vyEw>Mat 13:7
~yrI['v. ~yvil{v. hz<w> ~yrI['v. ~yVivi hz<w> ~yrI['v. ha'me hz< ha'WbT. f[;Y:w: hb'Aj hq'l.x,-l[; lp;n" rv,a] vyEw>Mat 13:8
[m'v.yI [; Al ~yIn:z>a' rv,a] ymiMat 13:9
~yliv'm. ~h,l' lVem;T. [;WDm; wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw: wyd'ymil.t; WvG>YIw:Mat 13:10
!T'nI al{ ~h,l'w> ~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m; yzEr' t[;d;l' !T;nI ~k,l' yKi ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 13:11
Al rv,a]-ta, ~G: WNM,mi xQ;yU Al-!yae rv,a] ymiW @yDI[.y:w> Al !T;yU Al-vy< rv,a] ymi yKiMat 13:12
Wnybiy" al{w> W[m.v.yI al{ ~['m.v'b.W War>yI al{ ~t'aor>bi yKi ~h,l' lvom.a, ~yliv'm. !Ke-l[;Mat 13:13
W[d'Te-la;w> Aar' War>W WnybiT'-la;w> [;Amv' W[ rmoale Why"[.v;y> yPimi ha'WbN>h; rb;D> ~B' ~q;Whw>Mat 13:14
Al ap'r'w> bv'w" !ybiy" Abb'l.W [m'v.yI wyn"z>a'b.W wyn"y[eb. ha,r>yI-!P, [v;h' wyn"y[ew> dBek.h; wyn"z>a'w> hZ<h; ~['h'-ble !mev.h;Mat 13:15
W[mev' yKi ~k,ynEz>a'w> War' yKi ~k,ynEy[e yrev.a; ~T,a;w>Mat 13:16
W[mev' al{w> ~y[im.vo ~T,a; rv,a] tae [;mov.liw> War' al{w> ~yairo ~T,a; rv,a] tae tAar>li Wps.k.nI ~yBir; ~yqiyDIc;w> ~yaiybin> ~k,l' rmeao ynIa] !mea'-yKiMat 13:17
[;reAZh; lv;m. ta, ~T,a; an"-W[ !Ke-l[;Mat 13:18
%r,D'h; dy:-l[; [;WrZ"h; aWh hz< Abb'l.Bi [r;z>nI rv,a] tae @j;x'w> [r'h' ab'W AB-!n<ABt.yI al{w> tWkl.M;h; rb;D> [;meVoh;-lK'Mat 13:19
hx'm.fiB. WNl,B.q;y> hr'hem.-d[;w> rb'D'h;-ta, [;meVoh; aWh hz< [l;s' tm;d>a;-l[; [r'z>NIh;w>Mat 13:20
[g:r'K. lveK'yI Atn"Wma/ rb;D>-l[; Atao Wpd>r'w> hr'c'-lk' hr,q.ti ykiw> aWh [g:r, !biW Avp.n:B. vr,vo Al-!yae yKi sp,a,Mat 13:21
xm;C,-hf,[]y: al{w> rb'D'h;-tae ~y[iL.b;m. rX,[oh' ylek.nIw> hZ<h; ~l'A[h' tg:a]d;w> rb'D'h;-ta, [;meVoh; hz< ~yciQoh;-la, [r'z>NIh;w>Mat 13:22
~yrI['v. ~yvil{v. hz<w> ~yrI['v. ~yVivi hz<w> ~yrI['v. ha'me hz< !tenOw> ha'Wbt. yrIp. hf,[ow> AB-!n<ABt.miW rb'D'h;-ta, [;meVoh; aWh hb'AJh; hq'l.x,h;-l[; [r'z>NIh;w>Mat 13:23
Whdef'B. bAj [r;z< [;reAZh; vyail. ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' rm;aYOw: rxea; lv'm' ~h, aF'YIw:Mat 13:24
%l;YEw: ~yJixih; %AtB. !ynIAz [r;z>YIw: Aby>ao aB' ~ynIvey> wyv'n"a] tAyh.biWMat 13:25
!ynIAZh;-~G: za' War>nI bybia' hJ'xih;w> hn<Q'h; #c' rv,a]k;w>Mat 13:26
!ynIAZh; ~v' !yIa;meW ^d,f'b. T'[.r;z" bAj [r;z<-al{h] WnynEdoa] Wrm.aYOw: ~h,ynEdoa]-la, ~ydIb'[]h' WvG>YIw:Mat 13:27
~t'ao rAq[]l; %lenE-yKi #Pox.t;h] ~ydIb'[]h' wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw: tazO hf'[' byEao vyai ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 13:28
~h,M'[i ~yJixih;-~G: Wvr>v'T.-!P, !ynIAZh;-ta, WrQ.[;T. dA[b.-yKi al{ rm,aYOw:Mat 13:29
ynIr.G"-la, ~yJixih;-ta,w> ~p'r>f'l. ~yMilua]l; ~t'ao WmL.a;w> hn"voarI !ynIAZh;-ta, ~yrIc.AQl; rm;ao ryciQ'h; t[el.W ryciQ'h;-d[; wD'x.y: ~h,ynEv. Wld>g"w> ~h,l' WxyNIh;Mat
Whdef'B. [r;z>YIw: vyai xq;l' rv,a] lD'r>x; rG:r.g:l. ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' rm;aYOw: rxea; lv'm' ~h, aF'YIw:Mat 13:31
wyp'n"[]B; WnN>qiw> ~yIm;V'h; @A[ aboy" rv,a]-d[; #[el. hy"h'w> qr,y<-lK'mi lD;g>yI xm;c.yI rv,a]K; %a; [r;z<-lK'mi aWh !joq' al{h]Mat 13:32
hs'yrI[]h'-lK' hc'm.x' rv,a]-d[; xm;q, ~yais. vl{v.Bi vl'T'w: hV'ai hx'q.l' rv,a] ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' rmoale rxea; lv'm' ~h,l' lVem;y>w:Mat 13:33
rb'D' ~h,ylea] rB,DI al{ lv'm' ylib.biW ~yliv'm.Bi ~['h' !Amh]-la, [;WvyE rB,DI hL,ae-lK'Mat 13:34
~d,q,-yNImi tAdyxi h['yBia; yPi lv'm'b. hx'T.p.a, rmoale aybiN"h; rB,DI rv,a] tae taL{m;l.Mat 13:35
hd,F'B; !ynIAZh; lv;m.-ta, Wnl' an"-ra,B' Wrm.aYOw: wyd'ymil.T; wyl'ae WvG>YIw: ht'y>B'h; aboY"w: ~['h' !Amh]-ta, [;WvyE xL;vi za'Mat 13:36
~d'a'h'-!B, aWh bAJh; [r;Z<h; [;reAZh; ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 13:37

hM'he [r;h' ynEB. !ynIAZh;w> tWkl.M;h; ynEB. bAJh; [r;Z<h;w> ~l'A[h' aWh hd,F'h;w>Mat 13:38
~ykia'l.M;h; ~he ~yrIc.Qoh;w> ~l'A[h' #qe ryciQ'h; !j'F'h; aWh ~t'ao [;reAZh; byEaoh'Mat 13:39
hZ<h; ~l'A[h' #qeB. hy<h.yI !Ke vae tl,koa]m;l. Wyh'w> WjQ.luy> !ynIAZh; rv,a]k;w>Mat 13:40
hl'w>[; hf,[o-lk'w> hl'vek.m;-lK' AtWkl.m; %ATmi Wrysihew> wyk'a'l.m;-ta, xl;v.yI ~d'a'h'-!B,Mat 13:41
~yIN"vi qrox]w: ykib. hy<h.yI ~v' vae !v;b.Ki-la, ~t'ao Wkyliv.hiw>Mat 13:42
[m'v.yI [; Al ~yIn:z>a' rv,a] ymi ~h,ybia] tWkl.m;B. vm,V,K; za' Wryhiz>y: ~yqiyDIC;h;w>Mat 13:43
aWhh; hd,F'h;-ta, Al hn"q'w> Al-rv,a]-lK'-ta, rKom.yIw> %leyE Atx'm.fib.W WhnEPic.y:w> vyai Whaec'm.yI rv,a] hd,V'B; !Wmj' rc'Aal. ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' dA[Mat 13:44
tArq'y> ~ynIynIP. vQeb;m.h; rxeAs vyail. ~yIm'V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' dA[Mat 13:45
h'n<q.yIw> Al-rv,a]-lK'-ta, rKom.yIw> %leyE daom.-d[; %r,[,-tr;q.yI tx;a; hn"ynIP. Aac.m'b.WMat 13:46
~ynIAv ~ynIyMimi Hb' Wps.a'yE rv,a] ~Y"h; ynEP.-l[; hf'WrP. tr, ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m; ht'm.D' dA[Mat 13:47
hc'Wx Wkyliv.y: ~y[ir'h'-ta,w> ~yliKeh;-la, ~m'Wfl. ~ybiAJh;-ta, Wrx]b.yIw> Wbv.yEw> @Axh;-la, Ht'ao Wkv.m.yI Ha'l.M'hib.WMat 13:48
~yqiyDIC;h; %ATmi ~y[iv'r>h'-ta, WlyDIb.hiw> Waboy" ~ykia'l.M;h; yKi ~l'A[h' #qeB. hy<h.yI hk'K'Mat 13:49
~yIN"vi qrox]w: ykib. hy<h.yI ~v' vae !v;b.Ki-la, ~t'ao Wkyliv.hiw>Mat 13:50
WnNEdoa] !he Wrm.aYOw: hL,ae-lK' ~T,n>b; ykih] [;WvyE ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 13:51
tAnv'y>-~g:w> tAvd'x] Arc'Aame ayciAMh; tyIB;h;-l[;B; vyail. hm,d>nI ~yIm;V'h; tWkl.m;l. lyKif.m; rpeAs-lK' !kel' ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 13:52
~V'mi rbo[]Y:w: hL,aeh' ~yliv'M.h;-ta, [;WvyE tALk;K. yhiy>w:Mat 13:53
tAal'p.NIh;w> hm'k.x'h; hz<l' !yIa;me rmoale Whm.T' !Ke hM'hew> ts,nEK.h; tybeB. ~h,l' hr,AYw: Acr>a;-la, aboY"w:Mat 13:54
hd'WhywI !A[ @seAyw> bqo[]y: wyx'a,w> ~y"r>mi AMai tareq.nI al{ ykih] vr'x'h,-!B, hz< !yaeh;Mat 13:55
hL,ae-lK' Al !yIa;meW WnT'ai !L'Ku hN"he al{h] wyt'yOx.a;w>Mat 13:56
AtyBe %Atb.W ATd>l;Am #r,a,B. ytil'Wz dAbk' ylib.Bi aybin" !yae ~h,ylea] rm;a' [;WvyEw> @g<n" !b,a,l. ~h,l' yhiy>w:Mat 13:57
~t'n"Wma/ rs,xo ynEP.mi tABr; tAal'p.nI ~v' l[;p'-al{w>Mat 13:58
[;WvyE [m;ve-ta, %r>r;j.j, sAdr>Ah [m;v' ayhih; t[eB'Mat 14:1
tAal'p.nI tAf[]l; Ady" hr'b.G" !Ke-l[; ~ytiMeh;-!mi ~q' aWh lBej;m.h; !n"x'Ay aWh al{h] wyd'b'[]-la, rm,aYOw:Mat 14:2
wyxia' sAPliyPi tv,ae hy"d>ArAh rb;D>-l[; rm'v.MiB; Atao !Atn"w> Whres.a;Y:w: !n"x'Ay-ta, fp;T' sAdr>Ah yKiMat 14:3
hV'ail. ^l. Ht'ao tx;q;l' hr'ATk; al{ Arm.a'B. !n"x'Ay AxykiAh yKiMat 14:4
aybin"l. Atao WbV.xi rv,a] ~['h'-ta, arey" yKi sp,a, Atymih] vQeb;y>w:Mat 14:5
sAdr>Ah ynEy[eB. bj;yTiw: ~h, lAxm'B. hy"d>ArAh-tB; dqor>Tiw: sAdr>Ah-ta, td,L,hu ~AyB. yhiy>w:Mat 14:6
WNM,mi la;v.Ti rv,a]-lK' Hl'-tt,l' [B;v.nI hZ<h; rb'D'h; ll;g>biWMat 14:7
lBej;m.h; !n"x'Ay varo-ta, lp,SeB; hZ<B; yLi-hn"T. wyl'ae hr'm.a' HM'aime h'ypiB. hm'Wf rv,a]K; ayhiw>Mat 14:8
Hl' ATtil. hW"ci ABsim.Bi ~ybiv.YOh;w> At['Wbv. rWb[]B; %a;w> daom. %l,M,l; rc,YEw:Mat 14:9
rm'v.MiB; wyl'['me !n"x'Ay varo-ta, aF'YIw: xl;v.YIw:Mat 14:10
HM'ai-la, Wht.a;ybih/ ayhiw> hr'[]N:h; ydeyli !teN"YIw: lp,SeB; Avaro-ta, ab'WYw:Mat 14:11
[;WvyEl. WdyGIY:w: WaboY"w: WhruB.q.YIw: ll'x'h,-ta, Waf.YIw: wyd'ymil.t; WaboY"w:Mat 14:12
hv'B'Y:h; %r,D, ~yrI['h,-!mi wyr'x]a; Wkl.YEw: ~['h' !Amh] W[m.v.YIw: ADb;l. ~mev' ~Aqm'-la, aboY"w: hY"nIa\B' ~V'mi rbo[]Y:w: hZ<h; rb'D'h;-ta, [;WvyE [;mov.KiMat 14:13
~h,yleAx-ta, aP'r>YIw: ~h,yle[] Wrm.k.nI wym'x]r;w> br'-~[; !Amh] ar>Y:w: [;WvyE aceYEw:Mat 14:14
lk,ao ~h,l' ~yrIp'K.h;-la, Wkl.yEw> ~['h' !Amh]-ta, xL;v; daom. dr; ~AYh;w> ~mev' ~AqM'h; Wrm.aYOw: wyd'ymil.T; wyl'ae WvG>YIw: br,[, yhiy>w:Mat 14:15
lkoa/l, ~T,a; ~h,l' WnT. tk,l,l' ~h,yle[] lJ;hu al{ [;WvyE ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw:Mat 14:16
~yIn"v. ~ygId'w> ~x,l,-tArK.Ki vmex'-~ai yKi hPo WnT'ai ac'm.nI-al{ wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw:Mat 14:17
hN"he yl;ae ~Waybih] rm;aYOw:Mat 14:18
~['h' !Amh]-la, ~ydIymil.T;h;w> ~ydIymil.T;h;-la, ~x,L,h;-ta, !TeYIw: srop.YIw: %r,b'y>w: ~ArM'l; wyn"y[e aF'YIw: ~ygID'h;-ynEv.-ta,w> ~x,L,h; tv,mex]-ta, xQ;YIw: av,D, tAan>Bi ~v' tb,v,l'
~['h' !Amh]-ta, wc;y>w:Mat 14:19
~yailem. ~yLis; rf'[' ~ynEv. ~yrIt'ANh; ~ytiAtP.h;-ta, Waf.YIw: W[B'f.YIw: ~L'ku Wlk.aYOw:Mat 14:20
@j'w" ~yvin" db;L.mi vyai ypel.a; tv,mex]K; Wyh' ~ylik.aoh'w>Mat 14:21
~['h' !Amh]-ta, xL;v;y> yKi d[; ~Y"h; rb,[e-la, wyn"p'l. rbo[]l;w> hY"nIa\B' td,r,l' rhem;l. wyd'ymil.T;-l[; [;WvyE qz:x/Y<w:Mat 14:22
ADb;l. ~v' rteW"YIw: br,[,-yhiy>w: lLeP;t.hil. dd'B' rh'h'-la, l[;Y:w: ~['h' !Amh]-ta, AxL.v;B. yhiy>w:Mat 14:23
~t'ar' x;Wrh' @v;n" yKi wyr'B'v.mi ynEP.mi hl'Adg> hr'c'B. ~Y"h; bleB. za' ha'b' hY"nIa\h'w>Mat 14:24
~Y"h; ynEP.-l[; %reDo [;WvyE ~h,ylea] aboY"w: hl'y>L'B; ty[iybir>h' hr'muv.a;B. yhiy>w:Mat 14:25
dx;P'mi Wq[]c.YIw: !Azx'b, aWh x;Wr yKi Wrm.aYOw: WlyxiY"w: ~Y"h; ynEP.-l[; %reDo ~ydIymil.T;h; Atao tAar>KiMat 14:26
War'yTi-la; aWh ynIa] Wqz>xi rm;aYOw: ~B'li-l[; rBed;y>w: [;WvyE rhem;y>w:Mat 14:27
~yIM'h; ynEP.-l[; ^yl,ae aboa'w> wc; aWh hT'a;-~ai ynIdoa] wyl'ae rm,aYOw: sArj.P, ![;Y:w:Mat 14:28
[;WvyE-la, abol' ~yIM;h; ynEP.-l[; %l,YEw: hY"nIa\h'-!mi sArj.P, dr,YEw: aBo rm,aYOw:Mat 14:29
aN" h['yviAh ynIdoa] rmoale q[;c.YIw: [; lx,Y"w: ar'yYIw: hq'z"x] x;Wrh'-ta, Ataor>biWMat 14:30
~yPi[is. yTev.-l[; T'x.s;P' hZ<-hM'l' hn"Wma/ !joq. wyl'ae rm,aYOw: AB-qz<x]Y:w: Ady" xl;v.YIw: [;WvyE rhem;y>w:Mat 14:31
AP[.Z:mi x;Wrh' qTov.YIw: hY"nIa\h'-la, WaboY"w:Mat 14:32
hT'a' ~yhil{a/-!B, !kea' rmoale hY"nIa\B' rv,a] ~yvin"a]h' Al-Wwx]T;v.YIw: WvG>nIw>Mat 14:33
tr,s'ynEG> hc'r>a; WaboY"w: Wrb.[;Y:w:Mat 14:34

~h,yleAx-lK' tae wyl'ae WaybiY"w: bybiS'mi rK'Kih;-lK'-la, Wxl.v.YIw: aWhh; ~AqM'h; yven>a; Atao WryKiY:w:Mat 14:35
yx'w" AB-[g:n" rv,a] lKo yhiy>w: Adg>Bi @n:k.Bi t[;g:l' ~h,l' ttel' wyl'ae WnN>x;t.YIw:Mat 14:36
rmoale ~yIl;v'Wrymi ~yrIp.Asw> ~yviWrP. [;WvyE WaB' za'Mat 15:1
~x,l' tl;ykia]l; ~h,ydey>-ta, Wcx]r>yI al{ yKi ~ynIqeZ>h; tl;B'q; tae ^yd,ymil.t; Wbz>[;y: [;WDm;Mat 15:2
~k,t.l;B'q; rWb[]B; ~yhil{a/ tw:c.mi-ta, ~T,a;-~g: Wbz>[;T; [;WDm;W ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 15:3
tm'Wy tAm AMaiw> wybia' lLeq;m.W ^M,ai-ta,w> ^ybia'-ta, dBeK; rmoale hW"ci ~yhil{a/ yKiMat 15:4
rd,n< hz< yreh] yNIM,mi hn<h/T, rv,a] ha'n"h]-lK' !B'r>q' AMail. Aa wybia'l. rm;ayO-yKi vyai ~T,a;w>Mat 15:5
~k,t.l;B'q;B. ~yhil{a/ tw:c.mi-ta, ~T,r>p;hew> AMai-ta,w> wybia'-ta, dA[ dBek;l. wyl'[' !yaew>Mat 15:6
rmoale Why"[.v;y> ~k,yle[] aB'nI bjeyhe ble-ypen>x;Mat 15:7
yNIM,mi qx;rI ABliw> ynIWdB.Ki wyt'p'f.biW wyPiB. hZ<h; ~['h'Mat 15:8
~ydIM.l;m. ~yvin"a] tAc.mi ytiao ~t'a'r>yI Whtow>Mat 15:9
WlyKif.h;w> W[ ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ~['h'-la, ar'q.YIw:Mat 15:10
~d'a'h'-ta, aMej;y> aWh hP,h; %ATmi aceyE rv,a] sp,a, ~d'a'h'-ta, aMej;y> al{ hP,h; %AT-la, aboy" rv,a]Mat 15:11
hZ<h; rb'D'h; ~['m.v'B. ~yviWrP.h; Wlv.k.nI yKi T'[.d;y"h] Wrm.aYOw: wyd'ymil.T; wyl'ae WvG>YIw:Mat 15:12
vr'voy> A[j'n> al{ ~yIm;V'B; ybia' rv,a] [J'm;-lK' rm;aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 15:13
rABh;-la, WlP.yI ~h,ynEv. rWE[il. lhen:m. rWE[i ykiw> ~yrIw>[il. ~ylih]n:m. ~yrIw>[i ~he ~h,l' WxyNIh;Mat 15:14
hZ<h; lv'M'h;-ta, Wnl'-ra,B' wyl'ae rm,aYOw: sArj.P, ![;Y:w:Mat 15:15
hn"ybi ylib.Bi dA[ ~T,a;-~g: ykih] [;WvyE rm;aYOw:Mat 15:16
hn"dov.r>P;h; aceyE ~V'miW freK'h;-la, dreyE hP,h; %AT-la, aboy" rv,a]-lk' yKi WlyKif.t; al{h]Mat 15:17
~d'a'h'-ta, aMej;y> aWhw> bLeh; %ATmi aboy" hP,h; %ATmi aceYOh; %a;Mat 15:18
~ypiWDgIw> rq,v, tWd[e bnOG" hnOz"w> @aon" x;cor' tA[r' tAbv.x.m; yrec.yI Wac.yE bLeh; %ATmi yKiMat 15:19
~d'a'h'-ta, aMej;y> al{ Wcx]ru al{ rv,a] ~yId;y"B. lAka' %a; ~d'a'h'-ta, WaM.j;y> rv,a] ~he hL,aeMat 15:20
!Adyciw> rAc tAlyliG>-la, aboY"w: ~V'mi [;WvyE aceYEw:Mat 15:21
daom. hr,mo Hy"n>['w> HB' h['r' x;Wr yTiBi dwID'-!B, ynIdoa] ynINEx' rmoale wyl'ae q[;c.Tiw: ~heh' tAlWbG>mi taceyO tynI[]n:K. hV'ai hNEhiw>Mat 15:22
Wnyrex]a; ayhi tq,[,co-yKi Ht'ao xL;v; rmoale wyn"p'L.mi Wvq.b;y>w: wyd'ymil.t; WvG>YIw: rb'D' Ht'ao hn"['-al{w>Mat 15:23
laer'f.yI tybel. !acol.-~ai yKi yTix.L;vu al{ rm;aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 15:24
ynIdoa] yLi h['yviAh rmoale Al WxT;v.Tiw: ha'b' ayhiw>Mat 15:25
~ybil'K.h; Akyliv.h;l.W ~ynIB'h; ~x,l,-ta, tx;q;l' !Akn"-al{ rm;aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 15:26
~h,ynEdoa] !x;[;me ~ylip.NOh; ~ytiAtP.h;-!mi !Wlk.ayO ~ybil'K.h;-~G: sp,a, ynIdoa] !Ke rm;aTow:Mat 15:27
ayhih; t[eB' HT'bi aper'Tew: %beb'l.-~[i rv,a]K; %l'-yhiy> %ten"Wma/ hl'AdG> hV'ai h'yl,ae rm,aYOw: [;WvyE ![;Y:w:Mat 15:28
~v' bv,YEw: rh'h'-la, l[;Y:w: lyliG"h; ~y: dy:-l[; aboY"w: ~V'mi [;WvyE rbo[]Y:w:Mat 15:29
~t'ao aP'rI aWhw> [;WvyE yleg>r;l. ~WgyCiY:w: ~h,AmK. ~yBir;w> ~yaiK'd>nI ~yvir>xe ~yrIw>[i ~yxis.Pi ~h,M'[iw> br'-~[; !Amh] wyn"p'l. WaboY"w:Mat 15:30
laer'f.yI yhel{ale dAbk' WnT.YIw: ~yairo ~yrIw>[ih;w> ~ykil.ho ~yxis.Pih; ~yaiP'r>nI ~yaiK'd>NIh; ~yrIB.d;m. ~ymiL.aih' ~t'Aar>Bi Whm.T' !Ke ~['h'w>Mat 15:31
%r,D'B; WpL.[;t.yI-!P, ~ybi[er> ~x'L.v;l. yvip.n:-ta, !yaew> lkoa/L,-hm; ~h,l' !yaew> ~ymiy" tv,l{v. hz< ydIM'[i Wdm.[' yKi ~['h'-l[; ~ymix]r; ytialem' rm;aYOw: wyd'ymil.T;-la, [;WvyE
ar'q.YIw:Mat 15:32
WhmoK' br' !Amh' [;yBif.h;l. rb'd>MiB; ~x,l,-yDe Wnl' !yIa;me wyd'ymil.T; wyl'ae Wrm.aYOw:Mat 15:33
~yNIj;q. ~ygID' j[;m.W h[' Wrm.aYOw: ~x,l' ~k,l' hM'K; ~h,ylea] [;WvyE rm,aYOw:Mat 15:34
#r,a'h'-l[; tb,v,l' ~['h' !Amh]-ta, wc;y>w:Mat 15:35
~['h' !Amh]-la, ~ydIymil.T;h;w> wyd'ymil.T;-la, !TeYIw: srop.YIw: %reb'y>w: ~ygID'h;-ta,w> ~x,L,h; t[;, xQ;YIw:Mat 15:36
~yailem. ~yLis; h[' ~yrIt'ANh; ~ytiAtP.h;-ta, Waf.YIw: W[B'f.YIw: ~L'ku Wlk.aYOw:Mat 15:37
@j'w" ~yvin" db;L.mi vyai ypel.a; t[;B;r>a; Wyh' ~ylik.aoh'w>Mat 15:38
!Adg"m' tl{WbG> aboY"w: hY"nIa\B' dr;y" aWhw> ~['h' !Amh]-ta, xL;vi za'Mat 15:39
~yIm'V'h;-!mi tAa ~t'Aar>h;l. WNM,mi Wla]v.YIw: AtASn:l. wyn"p'l. ~yqiWDc;w> ~yviWrp. WaboY"w:Mat 16:1
~yIm'V'h; Wmd>a' yKi aB' xc;-~Ay hNEhi Wrm.aTo br,[,-t[el. ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: ![;Y:w:Mat 16:2
Wlk'Wt al{ ~yTi[ih' tAtao !xob.liw> ~yIm;V'h; ynEP. ! ~T,a; ~y[id>yO ~ypinEx] Wrd'q'w> ~yIm'V'h; Wmd>a' yKi ~AYh; hr'['s.-~Ay Wrm.aTo rq,Bob;WMat 16:3
Al %l,YEw: ~bez>[;Y:w: aybiN"h; hn"Ay tAa ytil'Wz Al-!t,N"yI al{ tAaw> tAa Al-vQ,b;m. @aen"m.W [r' rDoMat 16:4
%r,D'l; hd'ce ~T'ai tx;q;l' Wxk.v' ~Y"h; rb,[e-la, wyd'ymil.t; WaB' rv,a]k;w>Mat 16:5
~yqiWDC;h;w> ~yviWrP.h; raoF.mi ~k,l' Wrm.V'hiw> War> ~h,ylea] rm;a' [;WvyEw>Mat 16:6
~x,l' Wnx.q;l'-al{ yKi rmoale ~ynIAdn> ~he yhiy>w:Mat 16:7
~x,l' ~T,x.q;l.-al{ yKi ~ynIAdn> ~T,a; hZ<-hM'l' hn"Wma/ yNEj;q. ~h,ylea] rm,aYOw: [;WvyE [d;YEw:Mat 16:8
~t,af'n> rv,a] ~yLis; hM'k;w> ~ypil'a] tv,mex] Wlk.a' ~x,L,h; tv,mex]-ta, WrK.z>ti al{w> WlyKif.t; al{ dA[ ykih]Mat 16:9
~t,af'n> rv,a] ~yLis; hM'k;w> ~ypil'a] t[;B;r>a; Wlk.a' ~x,L,h; t[;>Mat 16:10
~yqiWDC;h;w> ~yviWrP.h; raoF.mi rmeV'hil.-~ai yKi ~k,l' yTir>m;a' ~x,l, rb;D>-l[; al{ yKi WlyKif.t; al{ %yaew>Mat 16:11
~yqiWDC;h;w> ~yviWrP.h; tr;ATmi-~ai yKi ~x,L'h; raoF.mi rmeV'hil. ~h,l' rm;a' al{ yKi Wnybihe za'Mat 16:12
~d'a'h'-!B, aWh ymi yl;[' ~yvin"a]h'' rmoale wyd'ymil.T;-ta, la;v.YIw: sAPliypil. rv,a] !yrIs.yqi tAlyliG>-la, [;WvyE aboY"w:Mat 16:13
~yaiybiN>h;-!mi dx'a, Aa Why"m.r>yI ~yrIxea]w: WhY"liae vyEw> lBej;m.h; !n"x'Ay vyE Wn[]Y:w:Mat 16:14

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