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Personality Adjectives

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LazyHe is lazy.HardworkingHe is hardworking.HardworkinglazyFriendlyThedogis friendly.UnfriendlyHe is unfriedly.TidyHe is tidy.UntidyHe is untidy.OutgoingShe is outgoing.ShyHe is shy.Funny He is…
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Content Preview
  1. Lazy
    • He is lazy.
  2. Hardworking
    • He is hardworking.
  3. Hardworking
  4. Friendly
    • Thedog
    is friendly.
  5. Unfriendly
    • He is unfriedly.
  6. Tidy
    • He is tidy.
  7. Untidy
    • He is untidy.
  8. Outgoing
    • She is outgoing.
  9. Shy
    • He is shy.
  10. Funny
    • He is funny.
  11. Boring
    • He is boring.
  12. Dishonest
    • He is dishonest.
  13. Honest
    • He is honest.
  14. Moody
    • She is moody.
  15. Cheerful
    • She is cheerful.
  16. Selfish
    • Theyareselfish.
  17. Helpful
    • He is helpful.
  18. Patient
    • She is patient.
  19. Impatient
    • Theyare

Personality Adjectives



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