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PET bottle recycling line

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It is a pdf about the working principle of pet bottle recycling machine.Visit for more specific information
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Content Preview

Lianguan Washing Lines
Modular Washing Lines for Post-Consume
Polyester (PET) Bottles
Capacity: 300-3000kg/h
Leading recycling solutions from China
A typical washing line
A modular system: according to the required degree of
cleanliness for the final product there is a choice of different
components that can be supplied
Simple structures for simple applications
Complex structures for complex applications

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Procedure steps in PET-bottle recycling

Preparation of PET bottles


A screw shredder or a debaling drum breaks down the pressed bales into single


Label remover

Bottle cuttings are separated from film and paper labels in the air stream.

Prewashing of bottles

With the help of warm and cold water coarse contamination is partly removed in a

washing drum or screw (alternative to

Manual and metal separation

Manually separate the foreign materials

With a magnet or a detector most foreign metal bodies are separated.

Size Reduction

Wet grinding
A wet granulator size-reduces the bottles while the wash water removes paper and foreign
body contamination from the flakes.
Separation of dirty water
The wash water from the granulator is separated from the
PET flakes.
Separation in water
Density separation step
In the water bath or with a hydro cyclone a light fraction (mostly polyolefin) is separated
from the heavy fraction (mostly polyesters).

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Hot washing step
Material storage basin / preheating
The flakes are heated to the temperature of the hot washing step.
Intensive washing and dispersion
The flakes are thoroughly washed in hot water, soda and detergents; glues, ink and oil are
Separation according to density
In a poaching tank, remaining polyolefin and floating glues are separated from the
Separation of the suds
The hot wash water with the detergents in it is separated from the flakes.
Treatment of the suds
The hot wash water is enriched with lye and detergents.
Clean rinsing
The clean flakes are rinsed in water in order to obtain a neutral pH value.
Intensive washer and spraying washer
As an compliment to separation tank to remove the suds from the flakes
Retreatment of flakes

Mechanical dewatering

The flakes are dewatered with a centrifuge

Thermal dryer

The flakes are dried to the required residual moisture with a thermal heater

Cyclone silo

Separate the remaining light foreign materials with blower and store the crystallized flakes

Bag system

Store the flakes in bags for reuse

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Water Treatment

Water collection, screening

The dirty water is collected in a pit and any contamination larger than appr. 0.1

mm is removed.


The screened water is stored in a sedimentation basin for the sedimentation of

light contamination; the result is circulation water.


The mechanically treated circulation water is stored.

Treatment of fines

In a chemical or physical water treatment plant

Reconveying into the plant

A pump conveys the circulation water back into the plant.

Neutralization (waste water)

Decrease of the pH value according to the regulations for public water treatment.

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These functional units represent possible procedure steps when PET bottles are recycled

They are selected according to the frame parameters of the feed material and the desired final
product when such a plant is designed.

The single functional units are combined with conveying systems (belt conveyors, conveying
screws, elevators, blowers, pumps) appropriate to the specific nature of the product and in
relation to their location. Type and volume of the necessary conveying systems are
determined in respect to the project.

LIANGUAN also manufactures and supplies lines:
Ø For agricultural film, bottles, waste bins, post-consumer plastic waste and waste
from car batteries and casings.
Ø Pelletizing lines
Ø EPS/EPP/EPE recycling lines
Attention: JACK
Ø Mixers and compounding system
Mobile: 008613951130940
Ø Please ask for more information via:

Jiangsu Lianguan Science&Technology Development Co., Ltd
Address: No.2 Baixiong Road, Sanxing Industrial Zone Jinfen Town,
Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel: 0086 512 58578000 Fax: 0086 512 58570215

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PET bottle recycling line



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