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Content Preview
The Green Book

The Green Book
Dedicated to all who lost their lives in the
struggle for Irish unification.

First printed publicly 2012

The Green Book

The Green Book
This is the first case of the contents of this
secret hand book being publicly printed for
the first time ever. It is intended to give a
unique in-site into the internal processes of
becoming a fully fledged IRA member. A
great historical item for the many collectors
of Irish Republican memorabilia.
The Green Book was issued to Provisional
IRA volunteers as part of their training and
was considered a secret document which
should not be revealed to, or discussed with
non-IRA members. In order to protect the
organisation, disclosure of its training
material and any other training documents,
including the Green Book, would most
likely carry stiff penalties up to and
including Court Martial. Once issued, each
volunteer was expected to study and learn
from his/her copy of the manual, to apply
the rules given in it, and to apply lessons
learnt from it. While this manual is clearly
not all the training a new volunteer could
expect, it gave a broad overview meant to
go some way to preparing the volunteer for
active duty with the organisation.

print sample



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