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RCM Business Loyalty Plan explained by TC jee (English & Hindi )

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The power of RCM Business lies in creating loyal consumers
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by avinash on April 08th, 2011 at 10:08 am
gud -avinash
by BIJAL on October 02nd, 2011 at 12:28 pm
by Bijal on October 02nd, 2011 at 12:32 pm
RCM Business Ab Jiyada Din Chalne Wala Nahi Hai Sab Saman Duplicate Aur Rate Jiyada Aur Logo Ko Lutne Ka Dhandha Hai Ab Yeh Bhastachar Bandh Karvana Padega
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Sevak Samvad T127

Dated 16.6.2010

Dear Friends,

Good RCM!

To visualize the strength of the Loyalty Plan we must take out some time
alone and think it with all solemnity. The immense strength that it possesses
is incomparable to any other thing in this world. Just imagine if the entire
population of India happens to be habituated of using RCM products, what
magnitude of targets can be fulfilled by our work in all the aspects. Keeping
this grand target in mind, Company had taken this huge leap. The Company
has decided a minimum of Rs.4000/- for those distributors in the Loyalty
Plan who have been regularly making purchases for a period of 1 year or
more than that till the March 2011. Although it was a big step taken with big
liabilities, but the Company has taken this big decision to shape a strong base
of a permanent business. If we are able to influence people with the fact that
with just making regular purchases of RCM Products they can be a part of
the Company’s Turnover, there can not be supposed to be one person who
can’t be persuaded. It’s just about the proper and complete propagation of
the basics and logics of the Plan. This is such a striking Plan that no one
would want to leave it.

We have to work on 2 things and have to make them understand in the most
correct way possible:

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1. To maintain regularity in Distributors who have taken entries in the
Loyalty Plan by or before April 2010

They just need an explanation that they have already made the required
Points. Now, if it takes only an amount of Rs.1000/- away from a
Promotional Bonus of Rs.4000/-, why to keep it away? If this thing is
explained well, then no one shall leave their purchasing. If the distributors
have not been able to make their regular purchases after entering the
Loyalty Plan and have made their last purchase 3 months or before, then
they can begin with a purchase of Rs.4000/- in June 2010 or of Rs.5000/-
in July 2010 and continue with a regular monthly purchase of rs.1000/-
henceforth to reinstate their eligibility in the Loyalty Plan. This fact can
be used as a big attraction for all inactive or dormant distributors to re-
arise and re-activate them.

And, if they could persist with their purchases till the month of March
2011, then the amount they shall acquire shall be such that they
themselves shall never leave their regular purchases.

Remember that we have to focus mainly on the Rs.4000/- amount. The
big amounts of Rs.5000/- and Rs.51,000/- could be obtained by Lucky
Draws but are not assured for a particular person or chance of draw. If we
persuade them on the lure of Rs.4000/-, then there shall not be any doubt
arising in future. As in, an amount of rs.4000/- is not too small for just
making regular purchases. If this core fact is debriefed properly then
everyone shall understand it well.

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2. Provide a detailed description of the Primary Promotional Bonus,
Monthly Promotional Bonus and Annual Promotional Bonus
(distribution of 7.5% of the total turnover of the Company) to the
distributors who have not yet taken an entry into the Loyalty Plan

There is another change being done for the distributors who would be
making their entries after April 2010 that as soon as 12 months of their
entries are over, they shall be awarded their Annual Promotional Bonus.
This actually means that for those distributors who have made their entry
in May 2010 shall receive their bonus in May 2011 and for those who
have made theirs in June 2010 shall have it in June 2011 and so on and so
forth it would be awarded every month to those who complete their 12
months of their entries. Thus in this, no one will have to wait for long in
the first year and making new entries every month in the Loyalty Plan
shall continue as usual. The Company is well attentive of the permanent
purchasers and constantly there will be something or the other that shall
be done for the benefit of the purchasers. This fact doesn’t more
assurance that every distributor of RCM regular as a purchaser will
always be in big profits and benefits.

Its not only the Promotional Bonus that is to be elucidated while detailing
the Loyalty Plan, rather, it must be supported with the quality of the
products also. Such products must be explained which alone can leave an
effect on the person to be induced to make purchases. Describing the
benefits of only the Health Guard Oil alone can convince people to buy it.
There are many such products with us. One must be well prepared with
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the RCM Product Booklet and the benefits of the products to move ahead
in this direction to achieve the very probable big targets.

A big positivistic approach could be seen in the field when in the month
of May, the Company awarded the sum of Rs.51,000/- to more than 5000
distributors at one time. This fact could also be used to increase the
number of entries in the Loyalty Plan. The announcement of, providing
an amount of Rs.51,000/-, in the unfortunate accidental death case with
high priority, is also bringing very good effects.

By this time, the Loyalty Plan must be clear also with the medium of the
RCM Times and the Sevak Samvads. If any doubts further remain, please
feel free to email at to receive prompt
responses. It is very important to be very clear in every issue as we have
to be prepared for colossal goals to be achieved in this direction.

All the Royalty Achievers are being sent a Distributors’ List to their
respective Distributor Windows of those distributors who are not
pursuing their regular purchases after their entry in the Loyalty Plan. It is
a golden opportunity to make and keep them awake and move ahead
together to work big, really big in this direction.

After a crucial discussion with the senior members, we have designed 6
Basic Steps, 8 Core Steps of RCM and Requisite Traits of a Quality
Distributor and are being sent to all of you. All the members are requested
to make the right use of these in your education.
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Thanking you,

Yours ever,
(T.C. Chhabra)
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