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ride along

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Ride along form
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Content Preview
Ride-Along Policy
To provide a guideline for operation and policy for allowing non members of the
Wrightsville Fire Department the ability to ride as an observer on the fire department
A ride-along/observer is defined as any person who is a non-member of the Wrightsville
Fire Department who wishes to ride the fire department apparatus to dispatched incidents
and public services as well as fire prevention and community events.
A. Members of Hellam, Columbia No. 1, Craley, and Maytown East Donegal are
not considered Ride-Alongs.

It will be the policy of the Wrightsville Fire Department to allow personnel to ride as an
observer on fire department apparatus. Personnel must meet the following criteria:
1. Personnel applying to ride as an observer must be 14 years of age or older.
2. Personnel considering ride along must;
a. Must not have been denied membership in any fire department or emergency
service organization for criminal record, background investigation, or medical
b. Be capable of independently donning issued turnout gear.
c. Not been expelled from membership from a fire company, or emergency
service organization for the above reasons.
3. A chief officer of the Wrightsville Fire Department must be notified of all ride alongs.
4. A release form must be completed by all ride alongs.
5. If a ride along returns within six months of filling out a release, he or she does not
have to fill out another release. If release is older than six months he or she must re-
complete the paperwork.
6. Members of Hellam Fire Company, Columbia No.1, Craley, and Maytown East
Donegal Township Fire Department are permitted to ride if verbal approval is gained
from each respective fire chief. Members of these companies do not require a
release, for a mutual aide agreement has been established between the companies.

7. All ride alongs must wear approved Wrightsville Fire Department issued gear or
approved NFPA compliant gear approved by the OIC.
8. Even if the ride along does not plan on participating they must be in proper turnout
9. Ride alongs are not permitted to bring visitors to the fire station without prior
10. All department rules and operational guidelines must be followed during the ride
11. All attempts should be made to have the ride along respond in a piece of
department apparatus where seatbelts are available and the ride along can sit and
properly secure themselves to a seat.
12. Ride alongs are not permitted to utilize SCBA unless directed by the OIC.
13. Ride alongs should remain in a safe area near the apparatus at all times.
14. Ride alongs should limit their involvement to observation and clean up.
15. Any pictures taken by a ride along must be approved by the OIC.
16. Ride alongs under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian signature on the fire
department release form to participate.

It will be the responsibility of all department members to assure ride alongs are kept out
of hazardous areas. The ride along program is a key educational tool for the Wrightsville Fire
Department. It will be the responsibility of the ride along to follow all department operational
guidelines, follow the OIC's directions, and remain in safe areas at all times.

Ride-Along Program Release

In consideration of my receiving permission for the Wrightsville Fire Department to enter upon
the premises of the fire station and in further consideration of receiving permission from the
Wrightsville Fire Department to participate in a Ride-Along Program, wherein I will be riding in,
on, or upon fire department vehicles or using other apparatus, the undersigned hereby
releases the Wrightsville Fire Department and Wrightsville Borough/Hellam Township, and any
and all agents, officers, servants, employees, attorneys, or other representatives of the
foregoing from any and all liability, claims, demands, actions, whatsoever, arising out of or
related to any loss, property damage, physical injury, contagious disease, or death that may be
sustained by me while, in, on, or upon any premises, vehicles or apparatus owned occupied, or
used by the foregoing, or which may be sustained by me while at the scene of any real or
apparent emergency situation requiring a response of the Wrightsville Fire Department, or
while commuting to and from the fire station and other points.
I hereby certify that I am duly aware of the risk and hazards, including serious physical injury
or death, inherent, upon participating in the Ride-Along Program that such risks and hazards
may exist even in non-emergency situations, and being duly aware of such risks and hazards, I
hereby elect, voluntarily, to participate in the Ride-Along Program.
I hereby assume all risks of loss, damage, and/or injury, including death that may be sustained
by me or by any of my property while participating in the Ride-Along Program
This release shall be binding upon my relatives, spouse, and any other interested parties.
In signing this release, I hereby acknowledge and represent:
a) That I have read the rules and regulations outlined in the Ride-Along Policy.
b) That I have read this release, understand it, and sign it voluntarily:
c) That I am at least (14) years of age, and that I am of sound mind and of sound physical
d) That any injuries or other damage suffered by me will not be compensable by Worker's
Compensation or any other insurance program maintained by the Wrightsville Fire
Department, Borough of Wrightsville, or Hellam Township.

I also agree to adhere to the following guidelines:
1. I will abide by any and all applicable rules and regulations of the Wrightsville Fire
2. I will not ride or attempt to ride or use or attempt to use, any Fire Department vehicle
or apparatus until such time as a duly authorized officer has reviewed with me the
procedures for ridding or using same.
3. I also agree that I have no physical or mental handicaps that may affect me during my
participation in this program.
4. I also authorize and instruct the Wrightsville Fire Department or their authorized
representatives to notify the following person in case of any accident in which I am
involved while participating in this program or while I am commuting to and from the
fire station or other points.




5. I have not been denied membership in any Fire Department or emergency service
organization for criminal record, background investigation, or medical reasons.
6. If I have been denied or are unable to join membership in another fire/rescue
organization outside of the Wrightsville Fire Department, said reason(s) will be
disclosed upon request to the Wrightsville Fire Department's authorized

Expected "Ride-Along" dates:

Signature & Printed Name of Participant (Under 18 Guardian Must Also Sign)

Name of Witness


Approved by
_____________________ _______________________
Chief Officer

Officer in Charge

ride along



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