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Siamese Fighting Fish

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Are you a Fish Fanatic. Would you love to know all there is to caring for and breeding Siamese Fighting Fish.Then Continue To Read On.
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by Maryam on May 07th, 2011 at 01:56 pm
A couple of Good Tips.
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Siamese Fighting Fish Care
Siamese Fighting Fish are about 3 inches in length. They are found in different number of colors such
as blue’s, green’s, red’s, yellow’s etc which makes them eye catchy. Siamese Fighting Fish has the
scientific name of Beta Splendens. Both Male And Female can live in the same environment but males
tend to get a little more than females also if in a confined tank and you have a lot of Siamese fish then
they might adapt hostile attitude. So make sure that you have sufficient space for the fish to swim.
Another thing you should take of is to not use too many rocks or such decorations which can cause the
fish to be stuck in it.
Maintaining the fish tank and ensuring the it has clean water is utmost essential and directly effects
the health of your fish. Also it is good to have the tank or fish bowl covered as you so do not need the
fish getting out of the tank. And if you have another pet such as a cat. Then covering the tank
becomes a necessity.
Make sure the bottom of the tank does not have debris. If the debris has settled at the bottom this will
lead to the water becoming cloudy. And is also unhealthy for the Fish.
One important factor to note is not to use to many chemicals as it may alter the pH of water and as a
results kill the Fish. If you use chemicals to clean the tank leave it for a while. Clean it thoroughly with
water before filling up the tank for the fish. Another Tip for you if to take notice if you have just got
your fish. That you do not place especially males together. Mix them up including both males and
females. You known in care of Siamese Fighting Fish the name in itself implies very much just what
they are capable of doing. And when it comes to the health of your fish feeding them is important do
not over feed them feed them once a day which is sufficient.
So here were few tips to assist you in caring for your Siamese fighting fish. Although Betas’ do not
have a very long life span. They live for about 3-5 years but you can with the proper care can increase
their life expectancy.
Want to Know how to take proper care of your Beta or Siamese Fighting Fish. Then Visit:
Siamese Fighting Fish Care

Siamese Fighting Fish



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