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Teach Your Baby to Read

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Simple, Effective, Step-by-Steap Program To Teach Child How To Read! Check This Link Now

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When you set out to teach your baby anything, your attitude is the most important ingredient for
success. Whether you want to teach your baby to read or speak a foreign language, your attitude
will be the determining factor for your child's success. Learning should be play. If we approach
teaching our babies as though it were play, it then becomes a game for our children. Whatever
you aim to teach, make sure you factor lots of fun and joy into your program. It is the most
important element for success.

Have you ever noticed that joy is contagious? When we are around people that are upbeat, happy
and joyous, we catch their mood. The opposite is also true. When we are around gruff, grumpy
people, we tend to get caught in their negative emotions as well. That is why having a good
attitude as you interact with your baby is the key to teaching them anything.

Many children share the same passions as their parents. When a dad is into cars or motorcycles,
his boy usually develops a fetish for such things. It is not just because the child thinks they are
great, he is enjoying his dad's enthusiasm towards these objects. In essence, it is the father's
attitude towards these things that first attracts the child's interest.

As parents, we have the opportunity to influence our children's passions. If we love to read and get
excited to read new books, or children will most likely develop a love towards books and reading
as well.

If you are excited to begin teaching your baby all you can about reading, you must approach it with
excitement and joy. These emotions will positively affect how receptive your baby is towards
learning to read. If you look at it as though it were a chore, your baby will sense this as well and
not show any interest.

The best advice I can give you when you decide to teach your child anything is to approach it as
though it is the most exciting thing in the world to learn. When you are excited about learning new
things, you lay a foundation for your child that learning new things is fun. A good attitude is the
best recipe for success. What program you use and the material you choose to teach will have no
relevance, if you don't first make it fun.

Krista Guerrero is the founder of Intellectual Baby, LLC, a Florida based company that produces
and distributes educational products for babies. The product line includes, DVD's, flash cards,
toys, books, and more. Its founder, Krista Guerrero, taught her son to read as an infant. Having
taught reading for many years, she discovered that babies are capable of learning to read easier
and faster than school-aged children. Her proven techniques have been incorporated into the

"Monki See Monki Doo" system. To get your free report "How to Have a Smarter Baby", visit

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Simple, Effective, Step-by-Steap Program To Teach Child How To Read! Check This Link Now

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Teach Your Baby to Read



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