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Tips for Getting a Cheap 800 Number Online

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There are several toll free number service providers on the web making all sorts of claims. But it is necessary for you to do your own research, identify a reputed and reliable company that has a sound track record.
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Tips for Getting a Cheap 800 Number Online

It is indeed a fact that more and more business houses are clamoring to have cheap 800
numbers and the demand for these toll-free numbers has steadily increased over the
This spurt in demand for toll free cheap 800 numbers is primarily due to the fact that
businesses have begun to realize that toll-free numbers serve as a powerful marketing
tool and they also lend small businesses a professional image.
In the light of this trend, the question – how to get a cheap 800 number online –
assumes added significance. It may be worthwhile to compile a list of some useful tips
on how to obtain the cheap 800 number.

There are several toll free number service providers on the web making all sorts of
claims. But it is necessary for you to do your own research, identify a reputed and
reliable company that has a sound track record.
Decide how much money you are willing and can afford to spend as some companies
charge flat rates while others bill you for the actual talk time. Please also know some
companies offer an 800 number and a voice mail system as a monthly package.
Alternatively, some service providers offer a low per-minute rate.
You will have to carefully study the host of features that are available and pick the ones
that your businesses would benefit – as all businesses may not need all the features.
Besides, you must learn to effectively use the features you opt for as selecting too many
features may be confusing. A basic plan with only a voicemail option should be suffice
for most businesses.
The next acid test is about an 800 number is actually coming up with the number as few
genuine 800 numbers will be now available. Some companies may even charge you a
fee for providing a genuine 800 number. Chances are you will be given a non-800 toll

free number, one that begins with the digits 866, 877, 888. These numbers may not
seemingly be 800 numbers but they are toll-free nonetheless and will serve the same
Instead of having a difficult-to-remember number assigned to you, it is preferable to you
can sign up for a vanity number, a number that you choose on your own, though this
may entail a small fee. This is strictly necessary from a marketing point of view. An
alpha-numeric vanity number can be an effective means for businesses to attract target
Tie up with a reliable service provider customer service as there are often many optional
features and add-ons that can be daunting to new users. Whether you need help with
voicemail setup or call forwarding, it is important that your cheap 800 number provider
should be at hand to render prompt services. Having all the exotic features is of no avail
if you cannot use them.
Here is a very valuable tip you can ill-afford to ignore. If you find it difficult and
confusing to select the right cheap 800 service provider to meet your needs,
straightaway sign up with anyone that offers a free trial period. During this period, test
out the service, learn the intricacies, study the type of attention the service provider is
able to provide and decide if you really want to tie up with them or seek an alternate
After you have made your choice about the service provider and selected your vanity
number, make it a point to patiently read the contents in fine print. Otherwise you may
be caught unaware about some setup fees, cancellation fees and minimum use fees etc.
Carefully scrutinize your first few bills to satisfy your billing rate conforms to what you
had originally agreed to pay.

Tips for Getting a Cheap 800 Number Online



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