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Tips On Air Conditioning System Repair And Maintenance

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Air conditioning unit manufacturers build sturdy, high quality products that last a number of years. Then again, eventually, because of years of use, improper installation, or inadequate care, your ACwill fail.
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Tips On Air Conditioning System
Repair And Maintenance

AC Repair Dallas
Page 1

AC companies build durable, top quality products that last a long time. However, at some point,
because of years of use, incorrect installation, or poor care, your ACwill fail. In the following
paragraphs are a few usual air conditioning unit troubles that consumers encounter.
Leaking refrigerant
Air conditioning systems do not lose refrigerant unless there is a leak. If your air conditioner's
refrigerant is leaking, it cannot be simply remedied by topping it up. A qualified technician can
fix any leak, test the repair performed, and then charge the AC with the ample amount of Freon.
Poor upkeep
One reason why air conditioners fail sooner than is
appropriate is the build up of dust and debris in the
unit. A dusty Air conditioner often produces
insufficient cooling. It is also possible that the fan
may remain operational, but the unit fails to cool, or
the machine switches on and off over and over
again. Eliminate dust and debris from your AC's coils and fins, and change its filter, if needed.
Sensor problems
Air conditioning systems have a thermostat sensor, which are often found behind the control
panel. This sensor senses the air temperature that enters into the evaporative coil. If the sensor is
displaced, or if it lies on the evaporative coil, it can behave erratically. To remedy this, slowly
and carefully bend the wire it is mounted to and return it to its proper position. If you are unsure,
contact a professional.
Winter damage
Throughout the winter months, air conditioning systems, especially room models, have to be
protected from ice and snow. Either detach the unit from where it is mounted and store it until
AC Repair Dallas
Page 2

the end of the winter months, or cover the equipment with heavy and sturdy plastic sheeting,
secured in place by using duct tape.
Exercise Caution: Prior to doing any work on your air conditioner, turn it off and ensure that it is
not plugged. Air conditioners have one or two capacitors
that store electricity even when the unit is already turned
off. So ensure that you permit the unit to discharge first
before you start any repair or maintenance work. Follow
this link to locate shops offering AC repair dallas, TX.
If you want to have your AC repaired or just need a yearly professional checkup and
maintenance of your unit, bear the following in mind. Before hiring one, compare prices and
service bundles so you can get the best offer. Get three to five quotes and make sure that these
are comprehensive and promises are made in writing. Research about the company you plan to
employ, by speaking with past customers or checking if there are complaints against them. Also
ask if the contractor has the required licenses and insurance policies.

AC Repair Dallas
Page 3

Tips On Air Conditioning System Repair And Maintenance



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