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Touch the world of samsung mp3 player.

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Touch the world of samsung mp3 player.
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Content Preview
Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.OverviewAs one of the fastest growing global brands, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is a proven leader insemiconductor, telecommunication, digital media and digital convergence technologies. Providingconsumers with state-of-the-art, cutting-edge, and futuristic functionality fitted into enticing designs,Samsung continues to create products that make a mark in the world of technology. Its MP3 playersoffer consumers a superior experience, thanks to unsurpassed levels of sound quality as well asenhanced design and user-based features. Samsung’s newest lineup of mp3 players offers something for everyone. Music for all tastes, the multimediadevices make up a trio of the most stylish devices that excel in design, video, sound and connectivityoptions. A new generation of music players, the fresh new lineup exhibits music and design brilliancemanifested in Samsung’s YP-P2, YP-S5 and YP-T10 models. Featuring high performance video, Samsung’s new mp3 players boast larger screens with improvedresolution. Especially evident in the YP-P2’s spacious 3” canvas, video has never looked better.Sweeping landscapes of video imagery fill the TFT display, enhanced by crystal clear resolution and 16:9widescreen DVD ratio at 30 frames per second. Sound purists will appreciate the high quality acoustics created by Samsung’s proprietary soundtechnology, Digital Natural Sound engine (), included inside Samsung’s mp3 players. With theaim of restoring the best sonic experience to the end user, is a consistent recipient of high accoladesby sound professionals. It reproduces the “genuine” stereo and deep bass sounds intended by the musiccontent creators, that can be easily experienced when using bass-enhanced EP-150 earphones orthrough YP-S5’s built-in hide-away speakers, which despite the miniature size pump out powerful musicthat can be enjoyed by everyone around you. All this improved technology has been fitted into slimmer and sleeker forms that add a visual and tactilepleasure to the audio experience. Millimeters have been shaved off to create players that offer a bettergrip in the hand, while easily slipping into pockets and purses. In addition to the outer appearance, theinternal navigation of the mp3 players has vastly improved. Groovy icons and graphic images guide theuser through the mobile’s functions; or for a customized look, users can choose their favorite photos orimages as a background of the mobile’s menu. And for a little frivolity in the UI, the YP-10 offers acartoon stop-motion animation with an endearing puppy, adding humor and fun to your navigation.Working in tandem with Bluetooth, all three mp3 players offer great connectivity options to stereo headsets(with remote control functions) and portable speakers. Bluetooth simplifies file transfers, and evenconnects to your mobile phone*. Never miss a call while you’re listening to your music; with Bluetooth’shands-free profile, you can use your Bluetooth headset or speakers to carry on your conversations withoutever touching your mobile phone. In addition, users can access Samsung's online store, Samsung Media Studio (SMS music store)**,where they will have unlimited access to over 3 million songs for just one low monthly fee. SMS ensuresthat all your previous video and image files will be compatible with your mp3 player, S5as SMS trans-codes them to fit P2T10into your devices. Samsung will launch the YP-P2, YP-S5 and YP-T0 MP3 Players to the global market in the 3rd quarter of 2007.*Features vary from phone to phone. Mobile phones must be equipped with Bluetooth.**Presently, SMS music store is only available in Korea, England, Germany and France.Trio Lineup_01Plans to launch in other countries are underway.Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.YP-P2 : imagine the power of touchHandy CinemaOnly 9.9 mm slim, the YP-P2 showcases an expansive 3” widescreen for your viewing pleasure. Easyon the eyes, the high resolution screen displays 30 frames per second in DVD movie format 16:9 screenratio for seamless steady video playback. The large screen also features Samsung’s most intuitive, innovative and user-friendly touch screen. Thetransparent emotional GUI allows you to select the background image for the navigation menus. Thetouch screen reacts to your gestures using EmoTure™, an input system that goes beyond just merelytapping your selections. Icons will dance across the screen as you glide your finger up, down and acrossthe screen, so that the mobile scrolls through the menu icons like a rolodex. For your convenience,dedicated tactile hot keys for volume and play are placed on the side, maintaining the immaculate andsleek surface for the screen.DNSe 2.0 turns the YP-P2 into a concert hall and personal theatre, offering the best music experiencethat you can enjoy on Bluetooth’s wireless speakers. With Bluetooth 1:2 support, you can watch a movieor listen to music with a friend using Bluetooth headsets, no strings attached. With 35 hours of musicplayback and 5 hours of movie playback, you have all the time in the world before your next batteryrecharge.Available with 2, 4, and 8GB NAND flash memory, the multi-functional YP-P2 is compatible with a varietyof file types for music, photo, video, and text media. In addition, the YP-P2 is equipped with a built-in FMreceiver. Free firmware upgrades, available at HYPERLINK "", will add extra value to this already full-featured player.Trio Lineup_02Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.YP-S5 : imagine Mpfreedom : Share a SoundtrackMusic That’s Meant to Be HeardThe follow-up to last year’s groundbreaking YP-K5, Samsung’s new YP-S5 offers the same musical freedomin a slimmer, sleeker and more compact form. The portable 14.95 mm slim player hides attached stereospeakers whenever you want to share your music experience with others. Boasting 1.5W stereo output,these speakers can fill your room with your favorite tunes, or use the bundled cable to turn your laptopor any audio input into great big public sound. Or for a more private experience, use Samsung’s EP-150earphones for bass enhancement or Bluetooth’s wireless stereo headsets for wireless enjoyment.Whether it’s music for one or music for all, the S5 delivers.Bluetooth also connects to your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, turning your YP-S5 into a hands-freespeakerphone. Never miss a call while you’re lost in your music; your player will notify you of any incomingcalls, which you can accept on your Bluetooth headsets or through your YP-S5’s built-in speakers. Yourmusic, which will temporarily pause while you converse, will start up again as soon as you end your call.Have to make a call? There’s no need to fish your mobile phone out of your bag. Simply make the callfrom your YP-S5.The YP-S5, available in black and white versions, is a full-featured device. The 1.8” TFT display showcasesyour favorite photos, videos, e-books and flash games. Record memos on the voice recorder, listen to FMradio or download your favorite songs in mp3, WMA and AAC audio formats. With 2G, 4G and 8GB,you can have it all with the YP-S5. Firmware upgrades are available at The YP-S5’s built-in alarm greets you in the morning with your favorite song choices or FM radio. Thealarm works no matter what you’re doing - whether you’re listening to music, the radio or watchingvideo...even if your YP-S5 is turned off. With 24 hours of playtime with earphones and 5 hours with the slide-out speakers, there is a lot of timeto share the music you love with the ones you love.Trio Lineup_03Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.YP-T10 : imagine Your Digital FriendSlim But PowerfulThe perfect blend of technology and trendiness, the YP-T10 features full functionality in a super slim andlight-as-a-feather stylish player. A slice of music entertainment at only 7.9 mm slim and 43 grams, theYP-T10 comes fully loaded with the latest multimedia functions. Available in 5 bold colors that matchyour personality and gusto for music, the YP-T10 is a music player, FM radio, photo album, video player,voice recorder, text reader and game player (firmware upgrade available at in one.Store all your files directly onto your YP-T10; with 2GB, 4GB and 8GB versions, there’s plenty of room.And with 30 hours of earphone playback and 4 hours of speaker playback before your next batteryrecharge, there’s also plenty of time. The superior quality 2” screen plays your video in crystal clear QVGA resolution while DNSe 2.0 pumpsout powerful sound that you can enjoy solo or with a friend. A feast for the eyes and the ears, theYP-T10 is a mini-theatre for your palm. For screenings with a friend, Bluetooth 1:2 support enables youto connect 2 wireless stereo headsets for double the pleasure. A new look to the navigation of your mp3 player, a fun character animation GUI guides you through themenu. Using animated line drawings, the amusing GUI is one of the unique looks you can choose foryour multimedia player. Whether you’re going from menu to menu or listening to your tunes, the animatedpuppy is a little friend you can depend on.Trio Lineup_04Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.A Day in Your Life with BluetoothIt’s the start of a new day. You hop into the shower, raring to get your day started. For a littlemulti-tasking you listen to the news while you shampoo. The Bluetooth YA-BS300 speakers let you heareverything on your mp3 player loud and clear…from FM radio to your downloaded tunes. The speakersfollow you around as you brush your teeth, get dressed and grab breakfast. Your own traveling soundtrack. The music continues as you drive to work. Your favorite songs, your latest downloads, your trustyplaylists – they’re all organized on your mp3 player, your preferred stereo system. Instead of purchasingan extra cord to connect your player to your car speakers, just turn on the Bluetooth speakers. Safeto use in the car because they don’t cut off the ambient noise around you, these speakers keep yourmp3 player rocking on your way to work. Easily skip, rewind or pause the songs with your mp3 playersafely tucked into your bag in the trunk of the car. Bluetooth connects the dots for you. A morning teleconferencing meeting requires no fancy setup or equipment. Simply channel yourBluetooth mobile phone through the Bluetooth speakers, with its embedded mic, to turn it into ateleconferencing device. The speakers change your mobile into a mega-speakerphone that is idealfor conversations with multiple persons. The 2W speakers offer great sound, enabling you and yourclients to converse loud and clear. Your music keeps you motivated throughout the day – even during a lunchtime trip to the gym.Bluetooth’s wireless YA-BH270 stereo headsets keep you grooving to the beat throughout your entireworkout, even when stretching or doing crunches…there are no wires to get in the way. In between your reports, meetings and office busywork, take a break and share one of your latestsong downloads with a colleague. No need to pass earphones back and forth, just use yourBluetooth speakers. On your drive home, the Bluetooth speakers also work as a hands-free device. When you get aphone call on your mobile, you will be alerted while listening to your music. All you have to do is clicka button to accept the call, and carry on your conversation. Your speech is picked up through anembedded mic, and you can hear everything the caller says through the speakers. Hands-freeconvenience on the road – and your multimedia player can stay tucked in your bag…even in the trunk ofyour car. At home, there’s no need to turn on your home stereo and search for the right CD to play. TheBluetooth speakers pump out your favorites; your personal stereo that travels wherever you go, thespeakers have 2W – powerful to be heard anywhere in the room. Walk around the house, dance asyou prepare dinner – it’s all in tune with your music. And with a long battery life, these Bluetoothdevices last as long as you do.YA-BS300Trio Lineup_05YA-BH270Trio Lineup imagine freedom from wiresSamsung Bluetooth MP3 players featurefor enhanced sound.SpecificationsTrio LineupP2 / S5 / T10P2S5T10Memory Storage2GB / 4GB / 8GB2GB / 4GB / 8GB2GB / 4GB / 8GBProduct ColourBlack / Wine Red / WhiteBlack / WhiteMidnight Black / Mystic PurpleMaple Red / Lime YellowWhite CloudDisplay Size16:9 wide 3" (diagonal)1.8" (diagonal)2" (diagonal)Resolution480 x 272 (WQVGA)176 x 220 (QCIF+)240 x 320(QVGA)Playback Time-Audio35Hrs Music24Hrs Music (5Hrs using speaker)30Hrs Music-Video5Hrs Movie5.5 Hrs Movie4Hrs MovieDimensions (W x H x D)100 x 52 x 9.9 (mm)96 x 46.5 x 14.95 (mm)96 x 41.5 x 7.9 (mm)Weight85 g85 g43 gBluetooth enabledBluetooth 2.0 Bluetooth 1.2 Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP, AVRCP)(A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, FTP) (A2DP, AVRCP)Sound Effect DNSe 2.0 Technology DNSe 2.0 DNSe 2.0 Technology Speaker Technology Audio MP3, WMA MP3, WMA, AACMP3, WMA VideoWMV, MPEG4MPEG4WMV, MPEG4Added FeaturesFM Radio, FM Radio, FM Radio, Text, Text, Text, JPEG ImageJPEG Image,JPEG Image, Voice Recording,Voice RecordingFlash Game*A2DP | Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (Wireless Headset & Speaker Connectivity)*AVRCP | Audio & Video Remote Control Profile*HFP | Hands Free Profile (Mobile Connectivity)*FTP | File Transfer ProfileTrio Lineup_06

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