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Transfer Deed of KSE

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transfer Deed to transfer shares of KSE
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Content Preview
Folio No.__________

Allotment Letter No. _____________
The ____________________________________________________________________________,
I/We ____________________________________________________________________________
of _________________ in consideration of the sum of Rupees ______________________________
Paid to me/us by___________________________________________________________________
of_______________________ hereinafter called the transferee(s) do hereby transfer, unto the said
transferee(s) the __________________________________________ Ordinary/ Preference Share(s)
numbered ________________________________________________________________________
standing in my/our name(s) in the books of ______________________________________________
to hold unto the said transferee(s), his/her/their executor(s), administrator(s) and assigns, subject to
the several conditions on which I/we hold the same at the time execution hereof, and I/We the said
transferee(s) do hereby agree to take the said shares subject to the same conditions.

As witness our hands the ______________________ day of ________________________________

Signed by the above named
transferor in the presence of:

Witness ____________________________
Transferor's Signature _______________
Occupation __________________________

Address ____________________________
I/We hereby declare that I am/we are National(s)
of Pakistan and that I am/we are not minor(s).

Signed by the above named
Transferee's Signature ________________
transferee in the presence of:

Witness ______________________________
Folio No. (if any) _______________________
Occupation ____________________________
Occupation ____________________________
Address ______________________________
Address ______________________________

Received Transfer fee Rupees _____________
Purchaser's Specimen Signature
on ___________________________________
Entered in Register of Transfer No.__________
Approved _____________________________
Director/ Secretary ______________________
on __________________________________

Form available at

Transfer Deed of KSE



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