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Treatments for bladder infections in women

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All you need to know about bladder infection treatment, bladder infections in women, overactive bladder treatment and so much more.
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What to Know about Bladder Infections in Women?

Problems with the urinary system can be a sign of bladder infections in women.
When bacteria penetrate the urethra, infections can occur. This usually happens
when a person is active in sexual intercourse, has poor hygiene, and a catheter is
used. You need to address bladder infections in women immediately because it can
have psychological and social effects. It's good if you can avoid it but if the
problem already exists, seeking medical attention is very important.

The Causes of Bladder Infections in Women

There are many known causes of bladder infections in women. These include nerve
damage, medicines, depression, immobility, and heart problems. If you are taking
certain medications or you are suffering from other health condition, bladder
infections can be merely side effects.

In older individuals, bladder infections in women can be due to the menopausal
stage. The only way to accurately diagnose bladder problems is to contact your
doctor. The doctor will look into the symptoms that you're displaying, and will
request for a urine sample. Certain tests are used to determine if there is an
infection. Now that you know some of the possible causes, you will have an idea if
you are indeed suffering from bladder infection.

Preventing Bladder Infections in Women

It has been revealed in studies that a big portion of the women's population suffer
from bladder infection. With this fact, women should be watchful of the possible
symptoms. Bladder infections in women should be taken seriously. If you are not
suffering from any infection, now is the time to prevent it from happening.

Here are some great prevention ideas that you can try at home:

1. Drink ten ounces of cranberry juice. If you have the concentrated juice, two
ounces is enough. You can also take the cranberry pill. The primary function
of cranberry is inhibiting bacteria attachment in the bladder.
2. Urinate after having sexual intercourse.

3. Urinate often.
4. Increase fluid intake.
5. Don't use spermicides.
6. Inserting estrogen suppositories or using estrogen cream is ideal for those
suffering from atrophic urethritis or atrophic vaginitis.
7. Take antibiotics in low doses at least 3 times a week after having sexual

Bladder infections in women can be prevented, but you must have a healthy
lifestyle. You should give importance to personal hygiene and be sexually
responsible. It isn't hard to prevent bladder infections, and you must exert effort.
With adequate knowledge on the different causes and symptoms of bladder
problems, you will know what to do.

Treatment for Bladder Infections in Women

It is very common for women to seek information on how to treat bladder
problems. In most cases, bladder infections in women are treated with antibiotics.
If a person is suffering from cystitis, the doctor will determine if your immune
system is weak or if you have diabetes. This is because such conditions can make
the bladder infection severe. Other health conditions should be addressed first prior
to the use of antibiotics. Otherwise, the infection will relapse as soon as you stop
the antibiotics.

The doctor can prescribe you with andtolterodine which is an anticholinergic drug.
This can relieve spasms due to urgency to urinate. To soothe pain and reduce
inflammation, you can also take phenazopyridine. In structural abnormalities,
surgery is often recommended. If you have a drooping bladder or uterus, surgery is
the best option.

Knowing a great deal about bladder infections in women is the only way to combat
possible problems in the future. Infections can cause dysfunction in some women,
and before the bladder problem controls your life, you have to act immediately to
stop it. It is possible to treat bladder infections but you have to seek medical help.
You can't cure the infection on your own. You will need to have a better
understanding of this health condition so you can prevent it from occurring.

If you are in the menopausal stage or if you're pregnant, incontinence can be an
issue. However, the bladder problem is of temporary nature. It can disappear on its
own without getting any treatment. However, if the urgency to urinate is causing

psychological or social problems, you can consult your doctor. Incontinence is just
one of the many bladder infections in women that are easily addressed with
therapies and exercises, so there is no need to worry.

There are exercises videos that you can look up online that will teach you how to
combat incontinence. If you are open to natural ways to cure bladder infections in
women, you can look for herbalists or homeopaths in your area. You can ask about
the possible natural cures for this condition. Just be careful in following the
directions so you can enjoy the benefits of using natural cures.

You can cure bladder problems, but first you must know a great deal about this
health condition. It is never too late to live a healthy lifestyle. Make a change today
and say goodbye to bladder infections in women.

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Information On Bladder Infections In Women

Treatments for bladder infections in women



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