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Web Management Services | Website Redesign South Australia

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Web Management Services - Port Lincoln offers services like web site redesign, content management system, logo design and many more form SA.
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Content Preview
Top 3 website design goof ups
Some websites really hit the mark with their customers and some simply
miss out on it. Here are top three website design mistakes companies
commonly make.
Your website is your doorway to the world of web. However, some
companies manage to make a website design faux pas quite easily. Read on
to find out the most common website design mistakes.
Mistake 1: Graphics that don't appeal
your customers

Graphics that don't hit the mark with
target customers is perhaps the most
common mistake. If your visitors are not
able to figure out what your website is
about in less than three seconds, they will switch to another one. Say, you
are a menswear designer in Port Lincoln and decide to take orders online.
You launch a website. Your home page has sepia tinted image of two old
men with a measuring tape around their neck and are working on the old
style sewing machine. The slipup is the image doesn't reflect your expertise
and what exactly customers should expect from your services. This image
could also be perceived as a non-profit organization helping old age people!
This is a classic case of `website design talking in French with Arab
customers'. Website design Australia companies understand the local
market and so they are your best choice to create innovative graphics that
appeals to your Port Lincoln customers.

Mistake 2: Excessive use of `eye catchy' designs
Yes your website should grab instant attention of the web visitors.
However, some companies unknowingly cross the line of staying decent
and walk past into the territory of creating `annoying' web design elements.
A typical example of this is the bright red `order now' button that refuses to
stop blinking. Jazzy flash based designs in sharp contrast colors are not
necessarily engaging, they rather force visitors to navigate away from the
web page. Building up on the same example, on partnering a professional
website design Australia Company they will do the research on what men
Australia-wide seek in tailored garments and carry out web designing in
view of that.
Mistake 3: Too long scrolling pages that leave visitors clueless
Your website content should sound natural so that it's easier for the visitor
to connect with your company. Yet, you will find websites using `click here'
instructions when they should use anchor text! Often the content goes on
and on making the visitor feel lost in the mayhem.
Every element on your website gives a cue to the visitor about what your
company is about and how you can solve their problems. If you are serious
about your online business, it's important to get each of them right. Good
Web Management Services is one of the most trusted names in Website
Redesign South Australia
wide. We craft fresh and innovative web
designs and logo designs that give a distinct identity to your company. View
our work samples on

Web Management Services | Website Redesign South Australia



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