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Yellowfish 1

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Reduce your impact on spawning
Yellowfish and the Ecosystem
In the warmer months, the shallow rapids and riffles are home to a very rich
ecosystem and food web on which Yellowfish depend.
The Yellowfishes and the mudfishes spawn several times from late
Spring to late Summer. When this happens you will notice schools
of fish holding in extremely shallow water (less than 30cm) with
their fins and sometimes bodies out of the water and will only
spook when you are almost on top of them.
A few basic steps follow:

Please do not wade through spawning habitat or areas

of fish activity, stay in water deeper than your knees.
Spawning lasts for a few days and occurs on first

rains or in mid spring (October normally), mid summer (normally December) and late rains or the latter
half of summer (Feb/March).
Respect spawning fish by avoiding them, not damaging spawning habitat (eggs are crushed by moving
rocks against each other as you walk)
Do not cast at spawning fish!

Catch and release of Yellowfish
Catch and release of yellows has become an accepted practice amongst the fishing fraternity. This has ensured
that despite heavy fishing pressure sufficient adult fish of breeding age are released to maintain a healthy
Use only barbless or de-barbed hooks.
Try and unhook the fish without removing it from the water.
Never hold it with dry hands.
If the fish is exhausted hold it upright in well-oxygenated water pointing upstream until it has recovered.
North-West Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Environment: Nature Conservation Regulations.
Regulation (38) 1 of the Nature Conservation Regulations
Common Name
Bag Limit
Minimum Size
Largemouth yellowfish
0 (Threatened)
Not Applicable
Labeobarbus aeneus
Smallmouth yellowfish
Failure to comply with the provisions of the regulations will be subject to the penalties outlined in the principal
To report any person in transgression of the law please contact the venue manager or The North-West
biodiversity enforcement office on Tel 018 299 6648

Yellowfish 1



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