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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange 2008

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Zimbra Collaboration Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange 2008
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ZimbraTM Collaboration Suite & Micr osoftMicrEx  changExe:chang How to Choose MayMa 2008 Zimbra SnapshotNext‐Generation Messaging and Collaboration Mail, Address Book, Calendar, Mobility, Web Documents/Wiki, VoIP, RSS, Mash‐ups,p  Search, Sharing, Web services, …What Makes Us DifferentInnovation – low TCO multi‐tenant administration + rich productivityOpen Source – transparency, community, extens bi ilityCompatibility – investment protection, flexibility, application integrationMarket Presence20,000+ customers in 70+ countries by 12+ industry verticals400,000+ OSS downloads; 15,000+ community membersPartners:Awards:Example Zimbra Business Customers Sinclair BroadcastingYAHOO! CONFIDENTIALBroad Client Support  Advanced Web Client (Ajax)iPhonezSynczSyncor xHTMLBlackBerryZimbra ServerzSyncBES or BISZimbra SyncStandard Web Client (HTML)StandardsJ2MExHTMLzSync & iSync &IMAP, POP, iCal, RSS/Atom, CalDAVBB ConnectMAPICalDAVPalmApple DesktopWindows 5SymbianOutlook 2003, 2007Standards ClientsPlatform Architecture, Robustness & ScaleZCS 5.0 Exchange 2007CommentsPlatform • Zimbra Solution has b eenbeen around for 4+4+ yrsyrsLongevity• Exchange been around for 10+ years• ZCS architecture designed ground-up based on Platform new-age/g web 2.0 paradigm & gtrendsArchitecture• Exchange core kernel, designed in early 1990s is not modular, and cannot easily adaptZCS leverages more robust underlying Platform operating environment & proven componentsRobustnessReliability and uptime issues plague Exchange users (avg downtime of 4 hours/month)ZCS scales to millions of users and gigabyte Platformmailboxes in production environmentsPlatform ScalabilityExchange architecture limiting; difficult to scale to GB mailboxes w/o significant hardware, trainingCompany Financial Market Cap i nin billions of dollarsSituationKey= Low= Medium= HighBasic Messaging Feature SetExchange ZCS 5.0Comments2007Integrated • Support for emailemail c, alendaringcalendaring & contactscontactsCalendaring, • ZCS also offers web mash-ups (Zimlets) based Mail, Contactsintegration for improved productivity• ZCS integrated with proven Spam Assassin & Integrated ClamAV solutionsanti-abuse• Exchange offers EHF and in-house anti-spam/virus solutions that are yet to be proven• Ajax (rich) web client accessEnd-End User Rich • Tagging (categories) , flagging , basic searchsearchWeb Access• ZCS: Keyboard Navigation, advanced search• ZCS: Zimlets, “Rich” HTML client accessAdmin Tools• Command-line tools, SOAP API accessAdmin Tools• ZCS: Web-based any place/any time access• Windows Mobile devices, Palm Treo, Symbian, Mobile Devices Blackberry handsetsSupport• ZCS: iPhone (Mobile Client via XHTML), iSyncpp• ZCS: Java-based downloadable clientKey= Low= Medium= HighNext Gen Collaboration Feature SetExchange ZCS 5.0Comments2007Unified • Single inbox V, oicemailVoicemail, VoIPVoIP a ccessaccessMessaging• Exchange: TUI access to mailbox using TTS• Basic SOAP API for server accessWeb Services • ZCS: Web services framework (zSync) for client Framework & access Mash-ups• ZCS: Web Mash-ups framework (Zimlets) to integrate 3rd party enterprise appsIndex & facilitate search of message subject, Indexing &body and MS Office attachmentsIndexing & SearchZCS: Index, search and render in browser over 200 different attachment typesZCS: Syntactic & visual search optionsIntegrated ZCS: Built-in Instant Messaging, cross-IM/Presence application presence (XMPP) and Web & DocumentsdocumentsShare mail, calendar and address book folders Sharing & with internal usersC lo lllaboratitionZCS S: hShfare ldoithers w external users or kma e them publicKey= Low= Medium= HighMulti‐Modal AccessExchange ZCS 5.0Comments2007Outlook support • Exchange Native MAPI Service Provider(PC)• Zimbra Native MAPI Service ProviderApple MailMail i, CaliCal, • ZCS S: tuppor As lpp Me ila iC, al iPh, one ivi Ia MAPIMAP iPhone (Mac)and iSync as well as Sync ServicesWeb clients IEsupportZCS: Firefox, IE, SafariStandards-based IMAP4, POP3, ICS, CSV, vCARDprotocols (All)(All)ZCS: RSS/Atom , REST, CalDAVWeb Offline access (All)Zimbra Desktop (Offline Web Access)()Key= Low= Medium= HighSoftware License, New Releases & SupportWindows Server approx 35% of total Miftcroso software costTotal Microsoft ftso ware cost 72%s more than ZimbraServers & StorageExchange Sizing: No FE (OWA) server, no blackberry server, no separate domain controller or active directory box, no recover,y storage g grougp storapge bufgfer, no ,public folder pdatabaseMicrosoft solution costs 42% more than Zimbra Microsoft solution storage costs are 106% solution. Also Zimbra’s modular architecture allows more than Zimbra’s. Better IO performance & deployments to scale horizontally and verticallybuilt-in HSM in Zimbra allow customers to utilize & organize storage cost-effectively* 3 years of support (and not 5) included in above numbers

Zimbra Collaboration Suite Vs Microsoft Exchange 2008



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