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Pan American Metals of Miami says Speculators are Buying Precious Metals Despite Dip in Price

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) A sharp dip in the price of gold has apparently not deterred speculators from buying.

Gold Dips Sharply Below $1700 as Investors Still Prefer Dollars says Pan American Metals of Miami

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) Price dip provides buying opportunity for bargain hunters.

Super Committee Deadlocked on Deficit Talks says Pan American Metals of Miami

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) Potential failure of 'super committee' to solve US deficit may be supportive of gold in the long term.

Silver Poised to Reach $50 in 2012 says Bill Hionas

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) Silver is slated to rise during the course of 2012.

Bill Hionas says Forecasts for Coming Week Remain Positive for Gold

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) While gold ended the week down but far from out, its performance for next week still looks reasonably positive.

A New Website Helps People Find Safe and Inexpensive Treatment Abroad

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease) As rising health care costs boost medical tourism, Health Traveler launches a comprehensive medical tourism search engine on http://www.health-traveler.com

Knowledge of the Precious Metals Market can be Helpful to Potential Investors says Pan American Metals of Miami

by: donaldhood, 2 pages

(1888PressRelease)Precious metals bullion is a unique financial vehicle.

Stream your online photos straight to your iPad with Photo Slide Stream

by: donaldhood, 1 pages

(1888PressRelease) England based AppFund UK today announced the release of Photo Slide Stream for the iPad and iPad 2. An effortless photo streaming utility, this application gives users the power to ...

There is a new player in the Social Network market

by: donaldhood, 1 pages

(1888PressRelease) A Social Network for Grownups...sort of. A brand new network has just launched that is for the generation that has been previously overlooked...the Baby Boomer generation. A ...

Pan American Metals of Miami says Physical Demand for Gold is Still Very Strong

by: donaldhood, 1 pages

(1888PressRelease) There has been a massive increase in demand for gold from central banks.