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The Emergence of Indian Dating Sites

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

You will obviously want to select the site, which has a huge number of members, so that there is ample number of profiles to select from.

Dating with Web Technology

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

Give your preference: After the process of registration, you have to give your preference of the partner whom you want to date so that the dating sites can narrow their search in giving you results ...

How astrology works in human life

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

How does astrology work in human life? The same way that your TV or radio works, by the transmission and reception of electromagnetic currents and energy waves.

Horoscope Predictions

by: findyourfate, 1 pages

Even as all computers and mobile sets provide an application for horoscopic needs, the thirst for an accurate and timely prediction is never ruled out. This also explains the existence of age old ...

Horoscope 2012 Online

by: findyourfate, 1 pages

Invariably the most sensational claims are those that are deduced from various annual horoscopes.

Horoscope Reading Tips and Facts

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

Many astrologers have a opinion that the purpose of astrology is not to predict the future. But the create it.

Horoscope 2012 and Predictions

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

The year 2011 brought with it a wave of freshness as well as change for most zodiac signs. As the world approaches the year of 2012, let’s see things expected to happen

Horoscope Reading and Importance of Planets

by: findyourfate, 2 pages

Horoscope reading is like looking into a mirror in which the astrologer is able to see the reflection of the individuals past and the future too. It can be taken to be a kind of photograph of some ...

Love astrology and Matchmaking: A Brief Look

by: findyourfate, 1 pages

They say that love changes the way the world looks at things. In fact, this notion is not untrue at all. How many times have you come across skeptics who cared nothing for the likes of love ...


by: findyourfate, 3 pages

The famous Gann Wheel was used right from the seventeenth century after W.D.Gann’s visit to India and his study of Indian Sidereal Astrology. According to the Gann Wheel by deriving the ...