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Einstein's Antigravity

by: fitzgibbons, 16 pages

By Tim Ventura Part 1. Nick Cook’s Mysterious Discovery Part II. The Philadelphia Experiment Part III. An Accidental Replication? Part IV. John Dering’s ...


by: fitzgibbons, 12 pages

Sewing is all about being creative and having fun! Learning to use a sewing machine is easy and once you have mastered a few simple skills, you can make many of your own unique ...


by: fitzgibbons, 174 pages

This handbook endeavors to explain the overall character of nuclear law and the process by which it is developed and applied. This is the subject of Part I (Chapters 1–3), which also contains ...

The Handwashing Handbook

by: fitzgibbons, 79 pages

A guide for developing a hygiene promotion program to increase handwashing with soap. Hygiene is essential to the public health mission of reducing the transmission and consequences of ...

Fertility Friend Handbook

by: fitzgibbons, 43 pages

Fertility charting involves observing and recording your fertility signs so that you can easily see your daily fertility status and identify your most fertile time. It is highly effective because ...


by: fitzgibbons, 73 pages

Since its publication in 1978, PRB’s Population Handbook has appeared in eight languages and has been circulated around the world. It has been used by thousands of teachers and students in ...

how to draw manga Face Tutorials

by: fitzgibbons, 22 pages

In this tutorial, I will attempt to go over some basic methods to draw general anime faces, so you can both get a better idea of how anime faces are drawn and proportioned, as well as an idea of how ...

Crockman's Lair learn to draw manga

by: fitzgibbons, 39 pages

For beginning our manga classes all we need is a couple of pencils ( HB ,2B ) a bunch of bond paper (newspaper is also good and cheaper or you can use any other) , a good eraser and lot of ...

Let's Make a Manga

by: fitzgibbons, 9 pages

Although it is often mistaken as mere tracing, to ink an image is not simply tracing the pencil drawings with a pen or brush. Rather, inking is done to strengthen lines, and to separate and define ...

Unlock iPhone Guide Firmware 1.1.1

by: fitzgibbons, 22 pages

This guide will allow you to easily activate and unlock your brand new iPhone running Firmware 1.1.1. Don’t worry if you’re not sure which Firmware your iPhone is running. The steps to ...