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Graphic Communication Student.Student.http://www.reflectandinspire.blogspot.com
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by: frandaly, 3 pages

Course handout from professional practice session on Assertiveness.

An Approach to Design Process

by: frandaly, 3 pages

A Proffesional Practice hand out from Fran O'hara on design process.

Portfolio photography

by: frandaly, 1 pages

Tutorial on portfolio photography.

Self Evaluation

by: frandaly, 1 pages

Self Evaluation sheet rating personal strengths in relation to Design. Completed at beginning of third year (Sept 2009).

CV Construction Kit

by: frandaly, 30 pages

Hand out from professional practice on constructing CV's.

Creative Job Search

by: frandaly, 11 pages

Hand out from professional practice session on creative job hunting.

Creative CV's

by: frandaly, 4 pages

Hand out from Professional practice session on writingcreative CV's.

Futerra: Greewash Guide

by: frandaly, 44 pages

London Design Agency Futerra's guide to Greenwashing.

Futerra Design: presentation

by: frandaly, 40 pages

Presentation from Design agency Futerra.

Thomas Matthews: Sustainability Booklet

by: frandaly, 9 pages

Ten ways design can fight climate change. From London design agency Thomas Matthews