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Achieving Proficiency in Customer Service Delivery

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

Contact centers are extensions of business operations meant for providing support service to customers. The value of superior customer service experience has made businesses realize the profitable ...

One Stop Customer Service Solutions

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

Organizations are waking to the fact that superior customer service is important to their business and if you deliver excellent customer experiences, customer will be satisfied, be loyal and increase ...

Surpassing Customer Expectation with Exemplary Knowledge Management Tools

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

Providing precise and timely information to customers through call center agents, web self service and eservice is the norm in today’s business environment. Applying appropriate methods to ...

Six Best Practices of Knowledge Management

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

The quality and efficiency of your service operations can be improved with the implementation of knowledge management in the contact center. Customers benefit from interactions with more ...

A Division of KANA, announces Connect2Tell Web the latest self service module of its award-winning Local Government Solution.

by: kanasoftware, 3 pages

Lagan, a Division of KANA, today formally announced the latest release of Connect2Tell Web, the self service module of its award-winning Local Government Solution

Upcoming Webinar - What if Any Agent Could Handle Any Call?

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

Like all dedicated employees, agents just want to do their job well. But with rising complexity and disconnected technologies agents have to work with, it's a losing battle. Customer service ...

A Well Prepared IT Environment with Managed Services

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

IT services are the backbone of any business. Based on the various IT applications, programs and infrastructure it has become easier to manage complex tasks without any concerns. It is because of ...

An Agile Customer Service Solution - Implementing evidence-based service

by: kanasoftware, 2 pages

Traditionally, branding was the responsibility of the marketing department – advertising, offers, promotions – these were what defined brand in the eyes of the consumer. Now the entire ...

Upcoming Webinar - Integrate Social Media into Your Customer Channels, Now!

by: kanasoftware, 1 pages

With the popularity of social media and mobile devices, it's in an organization's best interest to interact with customers on their preferred communication channels. To be successful, organizations ...

KANA Receives Customer Interaction Solutions

by: kanasoftware, 2 pages

KANA Software, the world leader in software solutions for Service Experience Management, announced today that KANA SEM has received a 2010 Product of the Year Award from Technology Marketing ...