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Silicon Valley based Pakker Inc. is the premier supplier for OEM compatible optical transceivers. Pakker's unwavering commitment to superior quality and customer experience is instrumental in our aggressive growth strategy.Businesshttp://www.pakker.com/
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Utilities of the GBIC Transceiver Module

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

The fiber optic network is an advanced technology. It is sheer elegance to be able to transfer a signal through laser that is further reflected by the sides of a microscopic tube. For this device to ...

Cisco GBIC Transceivers – New Age Technology in Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

To explain in elementary terms a transceiver is a combination of receiver and transmitter in one package. The term broadly applies to wireless communication equipments such as cordless telephone ...

Transceiver Cisco – Benefits of New Age Cisco Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

For the ones willing to effectively set up a gigabit Ethernet connection or fiber channel within their own network, Cisco Transceivers ranks “numero uno” for them. Owing to the diverse ...

A Platform to Enhance Business Communications

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

Business agility and the ability to make prompt decisions are characteristics that help a business to move in a continuous progressive motion. Rivalry and competition has intensified the need for ...

Transceivers Stoke Business Communication

by: pakkerinc, 2 pages

The pace of communication and the mediums have developed to a large extent over the years. At first communication was slow, irregular and doubtful. There was no assurance that the messages would be ...

Possessing an Ideal Business Communication Model with Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 2 pages

From time immemorial, communication has been an instrument in the progress of mankind. There definitely has been a lot of progress from the early stages of development to date.

Bolstering Communication Readiness with Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

Modern age communication systems have advanced by leaps and bounds. People do not have to wait anxiously to send and receive messages. With the Internet it has become easy to communicate in a fast ...

Transceiver – New Age Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

A transceiver is a piece of equipment that combines both a receiver and a transmitter. They share a single housing or a common circuitry. If by any chance there is no common circuitry between the ...

Placing Business on a Fast Track with Transceivers

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

A transceiver is a device that helps in relaying messages across the Internet. The emails that you receive and send are all possible through transceivers. The world is moving at a fast pace, and ...

Overcoming Communication Barriers with Transceivers for Better Trends in Business

by: pakkerinc, 1 pages

The evolvement of communication has revealed many intriguing facets and helped in improvingrelations across distances which were not possible previously.