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I am self-published writer using my real name, pseudonyms and PLRs as well as an Internet marketer. I also "dabble" in the stock market, which supplements my income. At age 51 [2011] I am financially independent and find myself with a growing desire to share some of the knowledge I have gained over the years either first-hand or through accessible books I have been extremely fortunate to have read.Self-Employedhttp://teprofits.com/trafficreport.php?r=RowdyRhodes
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Marketing Your Business On The Internet

by: rowdyrhodes, 66 pages

Six Steps You Need to Follow to Guarantee The Success of Your Online Business! Right - now: Why pay attention to me? I have helped thousands of people grow their own successful online business. And ...

Joint Venture Giveaway Tactics

by: rowdyrhodes, 32 pages

JV Giveaway Events are just one way to build a list. It just happens to be one of the easiest and fastest ways I know of to build a really large list. The purpose of this book is to help you get a ...

Internet Marketing Success Formula

by: rowdyrhodes, 41 pages

A step by step guide to making money online. This ebook is meant to provide you with a blueprint you can follow and start implementing today. The methods described in this book are what I have used ...

Internet Marketing Dirty Laundry

by: rowdyrhodes, 26 pages

The Internet marketing ‘dirty laundry’ report: Why following ‘the gurus’ is leaving you frustrated, overwhelmed, struggling and broke. What in the world am I talking about and ...

Instant Bonus Page

by: rowdyrhodes, 69 pages

Read the telephone transcript of two top Internet marketers who reveal their exact success secrets for virally building a list of thousands of subscribers that makes them an average of $1 a month per ...

How to Get Your Manuscript Finished

by: rowdyrhodes, 10 pages

This is a nuts and bolts document about how to write a finished manuscript. The content deals mostly with book writing however can be used to get you writing in any format. Download this ebook and ...

How to Bookmark for Free Web Traffic

by: rowdyrhodes, 38 pages

In this book, I describe how you can boost the traffic to your website with the power of social bookmarking. Ideally, you already have accounts with many social bookmarking websites so that your ...

Freelance Writing Publication Contract

by: rowdyrhodes, 10 pages

This is a Standard Freelance Writing Publication Agreement that you can use as a legal contract template between you, the author/writer, and a client, publisher or editor. Download this ebook and use ...

Commission Confessions of an Affiliate Bandit

by: rowdyrhodes, 20 pages

If you’re ready to climb the tree of success, then this report is your ladder. But don't pack up and leave right now. You've work to do and I'm going to show you the way to make out like a ...

Clickbank Profit Machine

by: rowdyrhodes, 12 pages

Let’s get down to business. You need traffic to promote your product and my weapon of choice is Google Adwords using great headlines. So how do you write attention-grabbing headlines? That's ...