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Self Sufficiency through Hydroelectricity

by: simpleliving, 2 pages

If you believe in sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle, then you must embrace hydroelectricity for your own power. Indeed, it is the best way to produce your own electricity throughout the year ...

Homesteader Skills - Beekeeping

by: simpleliving, 3 pages

Beekeeping (apiculture, from apis, Latin for bee), is maintenance of a colony of bees, usually in a man-made box that contains a hive. People keep bees for honey production, as well as the production ...

Simple Living Skills Making Barrels

by: simpleliving, 3 pages

In the 1800's, a barrel-maker, or “cooper” was an important man. Everything went into barrels: food like grains, salted meats or pickled goods, or booze. These goods were shipped in ...